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I picked up a piece of 4/4 purpleheart 7' X 9" for about $16. Seemed too cheap to pass up. The grain isn't overwhelming, but the color is pretty nice.

Anyone hints on working with it - finishing etc? I'm thinking I may do something a little more exoctic than my normal traditional type designs.

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well it's not THAT harsh on blades, it's a great wood to laminated into necks or neck thrus because of it's stiffness and stability.

cross grain cuts tend to get minor tears more so then other woods, and routing corners leads to alot of chipping out of the corner

after finishing your project, let the wood just sit and oxidize for a week or two to bring out the beauty of the wood, cause directly after sanding the wood looks too white faded, wait to long and the wood will eventually turn a shade of brown.

got any pics?

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars


I made the mistake of reading the walls in the stall in the john there. Swankiest stuff I ever read. Worse than pron shop and strip joint bathrooms.

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