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would anybody be willing to build me a neck?

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i have gone through my 5th neck trying to build one so im beyond mad about this, and im curious if any of you guys would be willing to build me a 27 fret neck with the following specs

maple/mahogany/maple bolt-on neck

ebony fretboard

27 tapered frets(what i mean by this is that only the G,B, and E strings would have all 27 frets)

side dot inlays

crossed scythe inlays on the 11-13 frets

slotted for locking nut

16" radius

jumbo fret wire

pointed headstock with 3 per side tuners

if any of you guys could do this for me, please PM me here on the site and we will talk about pricing this badboy!

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well i have either snapped it because the darn thing was way too thin, or i have had it warp on me because of removing too much wood on it, not having a thick enough fretboard, stuff like this, thats why im just going to have somebody build me one for now and then when im more comfortable with building necks i will make my own, but i have had this body for 2 years now and i want it finished!!!

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rhoads is awesome. in a few days im going to buy everything i need for the neck off him, thats the rock maple, the ebony board, inlay dots, side dot material, fretwire and everything else needed for a very cheap price. and as an added bonus he lives about 10mins from my house!!

so yes if you can afford it PM rhoads56 :D

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