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Neck width

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How do you determine the width of a neck? Here is the way I was thinking of doing it....

1: Take the distance from the end of the nut to the closest outside string

2: Take that distance and add it to the string spread on the bridge.

3: Mark the string spread with the added length of the excess nut.

4: Connect the dots

Is this how it's normally done?

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most people just use one of the standards, the 2 common nut widths are 1-5/8" (41.3mm) and 1-11/16 (42.8~43mm) and the width at the heel depends on what the string spread of the bridge is, but it's usualy around around 56-57mm or 2.224" ish...

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there is a formula for it, its based on the nut width and the string spread on the bridge as derek said, in the book i have by koch it says that roughly 1/8" is sufficient on the outsides of the strings, hope that helps


^^^^^ that calculator thing looks exactly like what is in my book

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