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my first custom guitar

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I plan to build a 7 string Les Paul.

Body wood Black Korina/Limba

Capped with Claro Walnut

Maple set neck

Ebony fingerboard.....

24 fret, 7 string

floyd rose locking tremolo

i already have the body wood, and the cap wood, but im unsure of what size Hard rock maple to get for a 7 string neck width and 24 fret length.

Scale length will be 25 1/4..but what nut width should i use in conjunction with this.....also how thick shall the neck be, as i know it will require more thickness to counteract the added tension.......

How thick do i make the fret board?

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3.5" is plenty for the neck, you'll just need to add "ears" to the headstock.
my neck blanks are 30 1/4" X 3 1/8"

X 3 1/8

I am building a 7 string LP korina quilt/flametop with a old brazilian rosewood compound radius fingerboard which after radiusing is extra thick 1/4" ON ITS THINNEST EDGE


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