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Guitar Building Books

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What books out there are good for teaching someone how to build a guitar or bass?

More specifically, what's the best book for a step-by-step (in order B) ) guide to making a neck-thru guitar or bass?

Any response is a helpful response (within reason)!

Keep :D in'!!

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I would also suggest many of the threads in this forum, the tutorials on the main ProjectGuitar website, and if you want to read about a rank amatuer building guitars, try here. This is my site, and you will find that I expose not only the things that I do right, but also the many things that I do wrong.

And :DB):D

Take care.

Guitar Ed

Good decisions are the result of experience. Experience is the result of bad decisions.

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Melvyn Hiscock's book is seperated in three step-by-step projects: fender-style guitar, gibson-style guitar and neck-through bass. All the info you'll ever need to get you started. I got the first edition in'87. There's a second edition now which is supposed to be filled up with more information than the first one. But even the first edition is a pretty damn good book.

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