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Welcome to the site. Here is a site with neck replacements as well as other parts. Unfortunately thay don't have the 24.5" scale, nor the glue in style of neck.

Look Here

Stew Mac sell a through body 24 fret neck that might work. It is 25" scale. You might be able to cut off the excess part of the neck and do a glue on. Not sure though.


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I was going to suggest Warmoth too, but all of their necks are going to be bolt on (I think). From what I've read about Warmoth, they sell different scale necks, barritone, or 24 3/4" scale, to fit on a bog standard strat type guitar. It's made to instantly convert a 25.5" fender scale to something else just by bolting on a new neck. Cool idea if you have a strat and want to change it.

I have no clue about a place that would sell a premade set neck.

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

I have a bid on a bundle of necks that I only need one out of. I'll hook ya up with a Gibson set neck if I win. Lets both hope so. :D

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