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double edge movment


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So, im not a huge PG fan. But ive always like the look of his ibanez's. Browsing ebay i found this, and the mouse just started clicking. I swear the thing has serious g.a.s.

For $275 i dont think its possible that i could have done it myself including the neck paint and body. Not to mention an evo and another dimarzio.

Problem is I just bought a 620gx off jemsite. I dont like plain black guitars, i was planning on refinishing it anyways. So ill resell one of the necks probably the 620 body.



Anyone here moved a double edge? is it even possible(within reason?) are the routes the same?

theres gonna be some turn over in the collection now

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crap, your probably right looking at it. argh!!! Oh well it'll be cool either way. The price was definitly right. I dont think i want to be routing on that finish. maybe i will.

maybe ill finish and resell it with an ofr.

ive got other 550 bodies so the question still applies.

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i would _strongly_ advise against moving a Double Edge trem to another guitar. it's not just a different trem, it's a whole set of components with knobs/switches, a circuit board, batter, and two output jacks. there are many tricky things you'd have to do with no mistakes or the components wouldn't fit and/or the piezo capability would be ruined.

the bottom of the trem block has a bundle of the fragile wires from the piezo elements in the saddles -- any damage to this and you'd loose the signal to that string. the piezo volume knob and the little black push botton are both attatched to a circuit board, so you'd have to drill and route new holes for each exactly the right distance apart from each other, or they won't fit. you'd also have to desolder those fragile piezo wires from the circuit board in order to remove the components from the guitar, and you'd still have to route the battery compartment and drill/route for the second output jack.

if you want the Double Edge in a different-looking guitar, your best bet would be to refinish the body of the Double Edge guitar. you would still have to remove and reinstall the trem and all the components, but at least you'd know they would fit back in perfectly.

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Sounds like its a black guitar with double edge trem then. I may have my friend cut some cool vinyl flames or the like for it.

Now the guy im buying from wants to refund me and have me pay a different paypal account, before the refund has even finished processing. So I'm backing out until the refund is finalized.

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So are there multiple versions of this trem?

mine is on rg620gx, it doesnt have the phase switches and just small circuit board, the trem connected by 2 small coax cables. It does have a top mounted toggle to combine or split the electric and piezos. It has 2 jacks but only 1 works, so the switch maybe a mod.

Anyways aside from unsoldering the coax this could be moved, dunno if i will or not but it could be.

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Yes- there are two versions (Gen. 1 and Gen. 2). The Gen.2 ones, like those found on the 620x guitars have a different, smaller preamp board, and the wires for the piezo elements under the trem are better protected. This version is easier to transplant, but still not a lot of fun.

The guitar body must be routed out (for trem depth) and drilled out correctly for the pot and pushbutton switch dimension on the preamp. Aside from that, re-soldering the coax should be pretty easy for those with more than 10 hours of soldering experience.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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