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Alloy Guitars and Metal Fronts

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Im getting mine from Spruce Hill Guitars.

Here is thier description:

"This body weighs 4lbs. and is 1/16th plate with a frame inside, they are not heavy solid aluminum. These are of the same design as for the Fender custom shop. Their construction is the same as the Harley-Davidson Strats. They fit the Tele plus and American standard Tele guitars. Much more sustain and presence than wood. This body is polished aluminum and is drilled for the Standard neck and bridge. All body cavities are machined. Can be easily drilled for any bridge. We were selling them undrilled but are now offering them drilled to make it easier to assemble. "

They say they made the bodies for the Fender custom shop aluminum models, for what i paid i doubt i could do the work myself. Plus i have no metal working experience or tools.

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Are we talking about guitars made from aluminium or guitars made from wood but with aluminium sheets stuck on the front back and sides. I'll have an aluminium plated guitar eventually, its going to have aluminium sheets on the front back and sides. I can't think of any sites right now of the top of my head that make the guitar body itself out of aluminium but i know i've seen one.

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