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OK, so my strat style guitar is together in one piece now and there is a problem....im not getting any sound out of it through the amp. It worked a few weeks ago before i took it apart to put the finish on. I checked the wiring and the black and white cables are going where they should be it seems. What could be the problem? Thanks

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check your wiring with a multimeter.. clamp your ground wire to the negatve side of the multimeter.. and go throug the whole thing from the first pickup throught the switch and find out where if any short to ground is.

since you didnt' comp-lain about hum or buzzing you either dont' have it grouned out internally or you have made a complete ground and it is quiet.

if you get all through that and the signal didint' jump to ground then you should be alright there.. then check to make sure your ground wires are all connected..

i did a guitar a long time ago and had it all wired up on a pcb and stuff, with all the crap i put in it..[still all passive though] but anyway i forgot the main ground wire to the jack it was there just wasnt' connected.

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