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Wilkinson Trem Route Question


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Hi all,

I'm confused about the Wilkinson trem route. If you go to Warmoth's site you'll find a diagram of the route showing an extra route along the leading edge a little more than 2/3 the length of the main route:


However, if you go to the Stew Mac site you find a description of the Wilkinson bridge which says it is compatible with the standard Stratocaster route:


Melvyn Hiscock shows in his book that the trem fits right in the standard route after simply drilling out the two outside screw holes in a vintage 6-hole Stratocaster tremolo. (Second Edition, page 191). Can anyone explain this apparent discrepancy to me? Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,


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I think the one at warmoth you're confused with is the RECESSED wilkinson route.

You can either mount the wilkinson like a strat...and *possibly* need a neck angle..

or you can mount it like a recessed floyd and not need a neck angle.....

(or if you just like the look)

Oh i see it now... i dunno

most people don't recess wilkinsons

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on the american standard strat that part that is not there in the wilkinson is only about 1/8" deep if i remember correctly...

Do you mean that the extra route is inconsequential then? So why put it there in the first place....hmmmm.

Best Regards,


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