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Stuff I Need!

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I have been on several sites.... and cannot figure out whats best to get........ so i was wondering if anyone can list ( from a Uk site ) what materials i should get to start work on a guitar....

here are the following things i would like, if you could please list refrence numbers / prices i would be very greatful......

Fender Jaguar Project

Basswood body Blank,

Something ( whats this wood? ) to make the neck out of.....like this ( also to be 22 fretts )


And also maybe a fretboard blank ( but i may not need this as i have 4 blank pieces on the way from ebay )

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KP I spoke with Kevan and he is going to double check the rules, but he believes it's 30 days before bumping is allowed (im no mod!! thats my buddies job) But just no bumping my g/f B) thats MY job :D:D:D

Rich :D

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Guess the first thing we need to find is a UK site that can supply that sort of body, I'd do the research myself but being away from my regular computer and sitting where they charge you by the minute to be on the internet kinda curb's my access till the end of next week.

Bump :D

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