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Pickup cover


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So I have a humbucker with a cover and I'm aiming to take it off

The trouble is that cover is acting like a huge heat sink...that and it's potted....

So instead of melting the solder It heats the wax and cover keeps everything heated so evenly it's impossible to get enough heat to the solder...it's all going elsewhere...

Any tips....

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Nah...not a valuable one...

I'm fairly confident that the cover can come off without a catastrophy...

the trouble is I can't get the solder quite hot enough to remove much of it...it's puzzling...any ideas on how to get the heat to stay in the solder??

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As soon as you touch the iron to the pickup its temperature starts dropping. I let the iron get nice and hot, and then you have to go real fast with it. Another alternative is to just cut through the solder with a Dremel cutoff wheel. Then you can melt the rest off once the cover is off. Sometimes you can get a flathead screwdriver in between and just break the solder joint, too.

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Hmmm...yeah I did notice that....if I heated the iron I get about a second before it gets too cold again

I do want to avoid damage if possible...no sense breaking anything that doesn't need to be...

Sooo...I'll likely combine the heating and prying....that should be gentle enough

Curses for being born with only two hands

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