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Making a perfect 1/4" corner on a neck

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since the end of the heel isn't 90 degrees to the sides of the neck, it does make it hard, you can't really use much other then that template, unless you want to sit there with some sandpaper and a radius guage, which i actually have done before..

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There should be a little smilie with a lightbulb above the guys head.

Could you make a sanding block with a 1/4" radius? :D

You could drill a 1/2" diameter hole in a block of wood. Half it down the band saw and then you'd have a 1/4" radiused block. Of course the sand paper woud take off a bit of the radius but with a bit of an experiement, a pen and a few fag packets I'm sure you could get it right.

Hope this projects as nice as the Spalted Maple one, I think thats one of my favorite guitars B)

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In terms of perfect i gave this a try, gives you a perfectly continual 1/4" curve, with no guess work. I was hessitant at first, but if you take it slowly and clamp the template to a square fence you should have no problem as i didn't.




Then just use the correct height template bit for the neck heel, or a couple of bearings on a short one.

Was that what you wanted? Something that was just a bit more precise?

What was it for anyways?

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Thanks Derek.

I'm building a bass that has no overlappring fretboard (at the neck heel), so I want the radius of the heel to be a perfect fit.

I did make something like Hotrod described, but it didn't work too well. Maybe I'll just do it by hand.

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i had that same problem recently, but i ended up doing it by hand. its a bit hard to do right because you are sanding two very different pieces of wood.

eg ebony over mahogany, the mahogany disappears quickly but the ebony is slow to sand.

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