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how do i install inlays

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Go to the main subject page that you started the topic on, go to the bottom of the page where it says "search this forum", type in "inlay glue" and it will give you a result that will lead you to this forum discussion. The search feature works in all the forums and will save you from having to wait for a response from one of the "master builders" (trust me, I'm not one B) )

Good luck, and don't hesitate to ask if you can't find it on a search!!


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the basic rundown is (if you are using traditional dot inlays)

draw the positions,

drill the positions with the right sized bit and then glue in the dots,

i am also in now ay shape or form a master builder,but this is common knowledge so i just decided to say it, if it is anything besides dots, then i have very limited knowledge, but the basic rundown is this

rout/chisel the shape of the hole(for lack of a better word) that you want (weather it be lespaul block inlays or anything more elaborate)

cut the shape out of the material you are using

glue the pieces in

i know it is a lot more complex, but that is the basic jiist of it

btw to let you know take this as my $.02 as i havent done inlays but have red up on them enought to give this basic answer

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