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Need some help installing bolt on neck

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Hi all: I need some pointers/help/advice on installing a replacement Strat neck on a MIM Strat. The neck pocket is too large for the replacment neck - well, actually I think the neck is too small (it's around 1mm shy of 2 3/16"). The old neck fit pretty tight, except the low E string was closer to the edge of the fretboard than the high E. Anyway, on the replacement neck, I have the tuners installed (regular Kluson-style Gotohs) and the nut is installed as well (an Earvana 1 5/8" compensated nut). I need to drill the holes in the neck to bolt everything together - what is the best way (or even one accurate way) to set everything together properly? String up the Es and line everything up together?

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Hi davei and welcome to the forum :D

Yes the finish will add just like Wes said and of course you want to string up the high and low E align it, then clamp the neck onto the body with a soft tip clamp or just hold it while you tap through the body holes to mark where you will need to drill the holes for your screws.

Hope it's not a Mitety Mite neck those are famous for being to small on the neck pocket end.

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