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Original Floyd Rose Vs. Floyd Rose Pro

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I was wandering what are the advantages adn disadvantages of each bridge.... ive been lookin into replacing the crap one on my RG as its well crap, so i was just tryin to get as much info on it as i possibly can. The Floyd Rose ssite really doenst have any info on their diffrences. I notice that the one on my RG looks more liek the Pro so it may be the only one i can fit on there but thats what im asking? What Floyd should i get to replace the crappy licensed Floyd on my RG?

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Rout size comparison thread: http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=633

The original has what alot of people call a "whale tail" the plate that the fine tuners are on sticks out of the guitar much more, and some people find it gets in the way of their palm. The original requires more room behind the actual unit for the string clamping screws to stick out. The EVH D-Tuna will only fit the Original models.

Orignal saddle


The Pro, has a much lower profile, so it sticks out of the guitar much less and doesn't interfere with palm movement if you really need an excessive amount of room. The string clamping screws are about 1/10 the length of the originals since they don't run under the fine tuners, so there's no need to extra room behind the bar that holds the fine tuners. Instead the fine tuners make contact with a little peice of metal that loops under the fine tuners, this obviously means you need a slightly deeper rout for a pro model, but it's a smaller rout in terms of space on the front of the guitar.

Pro saddle


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