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Will a Strat neck fit a Tele neck pocket?

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And the answer is yes. You can put a Strat neck on a Tele. But, you cannot put a Tele neck on a Strat. :D

The reason is that the neck heel and neck pocket are more square on the Tele. You have enough room to put the Strat neck on the Tele (this is what Steve Morse did on that old guitar of his). The Tele neck has too much extra meat on the neck heel to fit on the Strat body. Of course if you spend some time with a belt sander or a router you could hack them enough to make it work that way. B)

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I love my Jimmie Vaughan Strat, the neck is the perfect shape and the satin finish is unreal...so I got one for my #1 Tele. The Strat heel has a rounded bottom, the Tele pocket is flat. So is the pickguard opening. Guitar tech guru Dan Erlewine mentions how critical the bottom of the heel to pocket fit is to tone. I carefully shaped the pocket using a dremel and hand sanding to get a tight fit. 2 of my other Teles have the extra fret and overhang...with the stock Tele shape.


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