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a flame guitar

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Picture this, you get some really nice flamed maple for the body with a mahogany neck and ebony fret board, shaped as a.... heck lets say a strat (just for TSL)

you get it all shapped and sanded, and then, heres the real killer feature, take a peice of wood (something darker) about 5 cm thick, and then do a FLAME design on it, and then route all the inside of it so your left with a big hunk of flame design, and laminate it onto the top and use part of it as pickup rings and raised bridge (after sanded to height)

you can also hollow the body out and have a nice PHAT tone

yea, i think that would be a killer project, someone should do it!!


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That sounds like how Gibson does this guitar. They use to have a flash movie that talked about how the flames were applied. They showed one that was black and the flames were natural. It was pretty awesome looking.

I am thinking about doing this to my Semi-hollow body I'm building.


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I wonder, if you took two tops of the same thickness and clamped them together on top of each other. You could probably cut the flame design out with a thin scroll saw and glue the different woods together.

You'd get two tops out of it.

also, if you cut the pick up blocks out of the top before you laminated it to the body blank, the design would be continuous through the the pickups too.

I realize that you were talking about something different. You just got me thinking. :D I don't know if it'd work but it sounds like a cool project.

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