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I have an existing Central vac from my house i moved to the shop it has a 2" inlet and I baught the 2" clear tubing (100$can kit) to run thru my shop, aswell as 25 feet of 2-1/2"clear hose that was 60$can to hook up to my tools since most have 2-1/2" dust ports.

The system is ok, but the bucket on the vac is kinda small,

And the local 1hp 4" stand up bag model is on sale for 175.00$can ( 130$ US)


IS it really worth the extra money to scrap my 2" tubbing, buy a new 4" tubing kit( probably another 100$), and buy the 4" vac for 175$? Will it be more powerfull? i know i'll never have to worry about clogs and such...

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