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RG Body

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Head over here:


Towards the bottom of the page you will see this:

View Original JEM Body Blueprint

(large - high res)

And that is a 1:1 blueprint of the JEM body, which is identical to the RG,

with the exception of monkey grip and lion's claw.

Question is, how are you going to print it out?

Kinko's could possibly do it, but I don't know what they charge for a large

format print...

But either or, enjoy!


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I printed it out on 36" wide paper, and it fit with some room to spare.

"A3" leads me to believe you're in Europe...

I guess they don't have Kinko's.

Either way, I don't think A3 is gonna cut it.

The file is probably close to 30"x40", with all the junk on the blueprint included....

Good luck!


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Rai 6...


I´m search throughs GOOGLE to found a Ibanez Jem 777 plans. And thank you i have a plans, to my idea to build this guitar. I think that take a few years ( 2 or 3) to finish my project, but now with the plans the project start. Thank Men by the information!!!! B):D:D

See you!!!!! from Chile.

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Thankss Brian! :D

Well, i´m begings my rpject to build a electric guitar. First, prepare plans of the ibanez jem. I´m working in the plans, because the neck of the plans have the original neck. I see in the Jemsite.com, this neck have trouble in the common, a surface crack. Re-designs the planss to all access neck. I think the all access is better, for the explanation in this page.

The second step, search the wood. In my country is very dificulty found some wood for a guitar, just in the main city, Santiago. For the body, i found in the web, a page that spoken about the RAULÍ wood for the body :D . Some know this??? Well, this wood is the best in Chile, Beautiful Rose color, strong, elastic, easy to cut; very good. The price: us $ 18. 1600 mm x 230mm x 50 mm. For the body, is beautiful, and conditions are great.

I tell you the advances in my project, to photos next time.

From freetboard, need Rosewood, It´s IMPOSIBLE TO FOUND HERE!!! but hope is the last to loose.

Bye for alls!!!! :D

pd: Sorry my english, Ji Ji B)

link for more rauliwood information: http://www.bosquescordillera.cl/mailing/ :D

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