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Krylon paints

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For the past 2 weeks I've been trying to paint my guitar with Krylon paints. The finish with their regular Interior-Exterior paints doesn't come out too bad, but it doesn't shine like regular guitars and I didn't expect it to. I was wondering if you guys know which paints by this company are the best to use and what compatibility they have together. I tried the Interior-Exterior paint with Acrylic clear coat, and there seemed to be no problems, but the finish didn't really sparkle at all. I have absolutely no idea what kind of paint it is because it doesn't tell you anywhere on the can itself or their website. I'm thinking about buying their lacquer based paint and a lacquer clearcoat to finish the job off. Any input so I don't have to redo this guitar a 4th time? I've had all the parts and everything ready for 3 weeks, but I keep messing up the painting part because I'm not really experienced with it yet. Thanks in advance.

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