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Lacquering neck - tutorial?

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Hi chaps/chapettes.

I was looking through the tutorials on the front end of this site, but I can't find a good beginners guide to lacquering a neck anywhere - I'm intending to use aerosol lacquer (satin finish) and I'd like to have as much information at my disposal as possible before hitting the button. Things like - how many coats, when I should sand and with what grain, etc.. I'm a complete newbie to this as you may already have gathered.

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Dude, you should write tutorials for a living :D

That's cool, for some reason I thought there was sanding in between coats etc. but that sounds so simple, even I could do it. And make no mistake, I'm a real numpty. Last night I was drilling neck holes (in another, cheap neck) and wondering why my drill wasn't really drilling. Turns out it was rotating the wrong way. Hmmm.. perhaps I should stick to playing guitars rather than building them.

That said, this guitar is going to be beautiful in it's simplicity. I will post pics as soon as it's guitar shaped.

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That's cool, for some reason I thought there was sanding in between coats

not really with a neck,unless the headstock has a color coat....in that case you should apply the color coat on the headstock,sand out the orange peel that occurs usually with aeresol,then apply the clear...and you do also need to buff the final coat of clear as well.

how much sanding depends on how well you seal the wood and how well you apply the laquer

i kind of simplified it really...you may find you do need to sand between coats,if you get runs or alot of orange peel

i guess i think of it as simple because,compared to a body,it is

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