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A lot of questions......


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I'm almost finnished modding my old hondo strat-copy. I've scalloped it, repainted it, changed the bridge, the tuners, the nut, pickups, the lot...

So I finaly restrung it, after wiering the new electronics (duhh...), plugg it in my amp, and it hizz and fizz like nothing I've heard before. So I opened it again, checked the wiering, soldered some bad points and replugged it. still hizzing.. I then opened it again, changed the wires and soldered everything once more, checked that everything was right about 987 times, restrung and plugged. Same noise!

So ofcourse, my first question is why? the chematics I have used works fine with my other guitars. It is with a push/pull pot, by the way.

Next question is about pickup spacing. This guitar has a standard fender size bridge, and a les paul size nut. Therefore the poles on the pickups, witch are fender spaced, does not mach the strings. Is there any pickups made for this, or do I have to use blade style pickups?

Hope anyone can help me out on this. It's driving me mad!!! :D

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