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stuff i have been up too.


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here ya go been up to NO good as usual and trying to work on the shop (heres a pic of my desk. i got two desks now. :D )



finally got around to hosting a pick of the triple pedal.. this was the first attempt at the small box. never finished this one yet. i went ahead and sold one of the BB boxed ones. also i am trying to go aheadn and get the boards made up for a few new toys. the shop is comign along nicely hope to have it all up and running in another couple of weeks. heres a pic


this is a different angle


again a different angle.


thanks to zachary vex for the inspiration of little boxes and the drilling templates. i just about got that one worked out.

also this one incase you can't make it out is a distortion comp and wah. i am going to try to get these up and running offering four models.

model 1 rock-- wah comp dist

model 2 vintage-- wah fuzz trem

model 3 noise-- trem noise maker and something else

model 4 pick your own.

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around 199 for either of the three units or for 250 you can pick from a list of effects. but its still a bit down the road now. i have a buisiness partner that is helping me out so i can do the work and let some one else run the company and split the profits. also i design stuff for him so its a symbiotic relationship. we are working on a tube trautonium and doing a eight stage variable speed sequencer for composing. as well as the mini amps the little plexi clones.. pics up and running soon we are doing a batch of five.. erhaps ten depending on the actual costs but we are doping them for two hundered and they are two to four watts. 2 watts rms

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