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Assembling my first Warmoth bass

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I have just received this incredible Jazz Bass Deluxe 5 body from Warmoth. It's a lovely piece of Swamp Ash, with a Quilted Maple top. I have decided to make it a green-burst (green on the inside, fading to black). The Maple's Quilt is somewhat mild, but still ellegant, and I want it to show through nicely.

The grain on the back of the body is extremely defined, and I want that to show through the finish, too.

So basically,

I have 2 questions:

1. How does one keep his finish vivid, and his quilt showing?

2. Will my Ash's grain show through the black finish on the back? Would I be better off going with a grey-ish tone?

This the first time I'm doing anything of this sort, so any help would be greatly appreciated,

thanks in advance,


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:D Welcome to the forum Borth

You might want to have a look here for the 3D lush look your going after.

As far as the back goes if you seal it with a good thick coat of sanding sealer first you shouldn't have any problems with the grain showing on the surface. Another method of course is sandable primer.

Of course you can always combine them with the sealer first then the primer.

I'm sure a few others will come along and post their result's........

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Heh, thanks for the warm welcome and speedy reply Brian!

I really want this all to go off without a hitch, so please take the time to go through my checklist and verify it:

  • Apply a dark stain to the quilted top, and let soak for an hour or so.
  • Sand off the top of the stain untill I'm satisfied with the resulting "3D" quilt.
  • Seal the entire body (including the back).
  • Paint with translucent colors of my choice.
  • Apply a clear-coat / laquer, and wait.
  • Stand back and look at my incredible masterpiece.

If there's more to it, by all means, PLEASE let me know!

Also: I'm not at all sure what kind of sealer and laquer I should use -

What would you recommend?

Thanks again,


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so wait, do I have it right? am I supposed to seal first and paint later? OVER THE SEALENT? is that how it works? ...'cause I read that "3D Quilt" tutorial again, and Kevan Geier says I should use color stains on top of the black stain, and then apply the clearcoat. He doesn't mention sanding primer, or a sealant of any kind. I'm getting somewhat confused. At first, I was thinking of using oil-based, translucent paints for my green-burst. Now I find that I should use stains? How does one go about doing a burst with colored stains?


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