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I only get sound from neck pickups, need help!!!


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I'm installing 2 new PUs on my rg550, Air Norton/ Steve's Special

I'm wiring it with a 12 point 3 way toggle switch. I found a wiring

diagram here http://www.ibanez.com/wiring/wire.asp?y=1996&w=JPM100]JPM wiring

After wiring I only get sound comming out from the neck and middle postion but nothing from the bridge, not even noise. I also find find my volume and tone pots a bit noisy, should I get new ones or not?

I wired it and double checked if I made any mistakes, to see if any wires has been short circeted. Am I doing something wrong with the 3 way toggle? Does it matter which way I wire the toggle, I'm not sure if both sides are the same or not. I'm using a Dimarzio 12 point 3 way toggle.

Please can someone help me out.


Alan :D

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You've either miswired the switch or the bridge pickup - notice that the two pickups are wired differently. Try printing out the diagram and coloring all the wires with a felt-tip or crayon, and compare it to your setup - the switch is shown as if you were looking at the bottom of it. HTH

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