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Tele Bridge problem

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I have an old Tele bridge, of a sort that i've failed to find anywhere on the internet to show you a picture of. Its a slightly larger, curvier version than the 'normal'.

At the end of the bridge, where the screws for the saddles are connected, it looks like the following: (looking end on)


0 0 0

o o o o o o


base of bridge/guitar body

I purchased some saddles from StewMac, the Wilkinson compensated saddles:


The problem i have is that with the bridge i currently have, the saddles will be ridiculously high, leading to what would be a stupid string height.

The adjustable 'feet' on the saddles could be adjusted, so that the saddle hovers above the bridge. With stringing, the tension in the strings would presumably push the saddle down, onto the bridge, lowering the action to some extent. But wouldn't the odd angle of the screw to allow this then result in a poor connection to the bridge, and hence the body, resulting in poor tone etc, as well as tuning instability as the saddle moved.

If i buy another bridge, i'll have to fill the already drilled screw holes in the body, as a new bridge would be a different shape.

Whats the best course of action? Attempting to 'sink' the bridge into the body? Drilling new screw holes into the bridge (which may then be too low....)?

Any suggestions/advice/help would be most gratefully received.

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