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Inlay suplies, Am i missing any thing ?

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I am about to order a complet set of tools bits and accesories for inlay 2 get me started, this is my order form. is there anything im missing ??

5328 Foredom Complete Set - Domestic, 110-volt

Extra shipping fees apply for domestic 2-Day Air shipments. Yes $324.00

1674 Graver Handle Yes $1.89 $1.89 Remove

1678 Graver - Square, for general purpose Yes $8.42 $8.42

0663 Pearl Cutting Saw - Medium blades, pkg of 12 Yes $3.95 $3.95

0662 Pearl Cutting Saw - Fine blades, pkg of 12 Yes $3.95 $3.95

0664 Pearl Cutting Saw - Extra-fine blades, pkg of 12 Yes $3.95 $3.95

4611 Pearl Cutting Saw - Saw frame Yes $13.95 $13.95

5152 Carbide Downcut Inlay Router Bit - 1/16" dia. Yes $15.95 $15.95

5151 Carbide Downcut Inlay Router Bit - 3/64" dia. Yes $14.95 $14.95

5150 Carbide Downcut Inlay Router Bit - 1/32" dia. Yes $15.95 $15.95

I will get some inlay material but is there any other place cheeper??

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almost everywhere is cheaper than stewmac :D

try lmii.com

the have some cool stuff B)

yeah right, lmii is typically worse than stewmac, well, for materials anyway, stew mac prices are NOT out of line for specialty items, sure you can make them if you modify tools, but I prefer tried tested and true tools, I've bought a lot from stew mac and have no regrets.

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stew mac prices are generally ok to expensive for single items, but if you buy in bulk like for a guitar shop, they get much cheaper and suddenly the best prices around, but it only matters for people opening a guitar shop as they're bulk are for quantities used in 3 guitars.

also stewmac switched to dhl/usps, damn it gets to me fast, and i live on the westcoast, no problems there, but same with lmi, since it takes about a day to get to me.

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You will need cutting lubricant though.

In the jewelry class I took, we used wax candles as lubricant whether we were cutting copper or titanium, and never had problems. Is this different for pearl, because a chunk of wax was all we needed and it might save a little money.

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I never use cutting lubricant. If a blade breaks I just change it out. It takes more time to care for a single blade then just move forward. I also keep a stash of about 3-4 gross of blades on hand of size 06, 03, and 1, so I have plenty to go through.

Get more blades than you need, or think you need. As a beginner you'll most likely be going through possibly 5-6 blades every 10 minutes. If not most likely your tension is off. As you get better you'll break less. I usually just dull out a size 1 anymore before it breaks. I cut mainly with 03.


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Thx for the advice I ordered the stuff. And I was away for a week camping so sorry for no replies. I plan on making a jig and setting up a vacuum for the dust so a mask wont be necessary. But ill wear a normal wood working mask just 2 be safe. Also any one knows where you can get silver/metal wire used in vines and such?

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