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Headstock mod questions...

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Hello all, I'm planning to do some mods to the headstock of my Ibanez RG321. It's the natural unfinished mahogany bodied version, and I'm going to be placing a mahogany veneer on the headstock to replace the stock black paint, and also installing Sperzel locking tuners. My questions are mainly 1) will the Sperzels fit in the stock tuners' holes? and 2) if not, what process do I need to undergo to modify the holes to the 10mm diameter they require without ruining the neck/headstock?

The veneering process has already been explained to me by Eddie at EKG customs, and I assumed that to drill the pegholes in the veneer I could simply apply it to the headstock and use the current holes (once modified if necessary) as a guide. Any tips/tricks/DONTs are very welcome and appreciated.

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Never tried it, but if the holes are too big then you should be able to fill them with the correct size dowel and redrill the smaller holes. Especially if you're puting a vaneer over the top, this would cover the dowel and the body of the tuners would hopefully cover it at the back.

Like I said, I've never done this on a guitar, but I have filled holes and redrilled tem when I've balls something up. Just be carefull that the glue has completely gone off and the drill bit doesn't wonder about :D

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