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jumbo fretwire and capos

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With jumbo fretwire, does it ever occur that if you press down too hard on the string when fretting, that you will bend the string towards the fretboard enough to make it go out of pitch? this would be because the fret is so much higher off the fretboard than traditional smaller wire.

also, i find that when using a capo (the spring loaded kyser kind) that all the stings are slightly off pitch. is there a special way to put a capo on that im missing? is there a position problem?

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To me it seems to take a lot of effort to press the strings sharp. On a scalloped board, I found I would make the high strings go a little sharp when I would be fingering the lower strings (playing them, not giving them the finger) and the lower part of my fingers would be pressing against the high strings (because of the fret-board scallops).

I'm also left handed/play right handed, so my fretting hand is very strong and can do damage if I don't restrict myself.

You'll also wear out your frets if you're pressing hard enough to make the notes go sharp.

I have the same problem with my " pickers pal" capo not being just right (either it's too loose or too tight). The best is one with some kind of screw adjustment that can be "fine tuned" right on.

Dan Erlewine has built a guitar that has threaded inserts in the fret-board and capo pieces screw on from the top (no capo part on the back of the neck). Pretty neat.

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