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Wiring buzz!


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...the pickup seams to be buzzing alot more then it should, what's wrong here?!
B) Sounds like you have a problem!

how can it be fixed!
Correct the problem :D Seriously, you've asked a specific question without giving any information whatsoever except that your pickups "seams" to be buzzing - it could be an ungrounded bridge, as truerussian mentions, or a ground loop, reversed pickup wires, bad shielding, incorrect switch wiring, a bad cable or defective amplifier, your computer power supply, a fluorescent light on your bench or even bad mains wiring in your workshop. We don't even know if it's a humbucker or a single coil. Any diagnosis would be a shot in the dark - how about some info?
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score, me 1, odds 0


if its a strat type trem (floyd rose also), you usualy solder a wire to the spring claw (theres sometimes a little tab for it), if its hardtail youll need to drill a hole from under the bridge (in the wood), to the control cavity and solder a wire directly to the bridge (or post, or screw, it all depends). then just solder it to your ground wire collection point

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it's a non trem bridge (not TOM)

is it posible to solder on to chrome though?!

to test if it conducts just take a multimeter and put it on the ohm setting and touch the two wires to the chrome, if it shows a reading then your fine, if you diont want to solder (or it wont), you could always sandwich the wire between the bridge and the wood.

im not sure if chrome is a material that is bad to solder too, i know alluminum is though. just dont forget to use some solder flux

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