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Building own body

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This is my first post here and I hate to ask a stupid question but I've hunted around various sites and can't find an answer so here goes.

I currently thinking about having a crack at building my own guitar. I'm thinking of doing something like a BC Rich Beast type shape. I've looked at a couple of really helpfull photographic step by step accounts of people doing this. In both cases they used two pieces for the body glued together instead of one piece. I'm wondering what the reasoning for this is. Pro's vs cons of one piece or joined?


Kirk :D

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Welcome to the Forum Kirkus :D

1 Piece Body Blanks

Pro- Easy to work with at the start since you don't have to glue and plane it.

Con- Expensive, harder to find, less varity available

2 Piece Body Blanks

Pro- Cost less, wider varity of woods to choose from

Con- Requires more initial setup before cuting out your body shape

That's about all I can think of at the moment, I'm sure other people will come up with more. B)

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On your hunt you may want to make sure that timber is good and dry!

Fresh cut wood will ruin your day as the moisture slowly eveaporates out of the wood it can cause it to bend or warp which will through all that time and effort you put into it down the drain.

Good luck!

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