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Tru oil body


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I was reading some posts and I was going to do a few coats of lemon oil on my neck

and body

then I was going to do as much tru oil as neccesary using french polish techniques

I have two questions:

:D will tru oil be a strong durable protection?

B) Is there an oil better than tru oil for a fast, smooth, strong, playable neck

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tru oil is actually a varnish, so it is pritty soft, it will scratch and dent and do all sorts of things, but it is still a very good finish. If you dont plan on gigging then its all you will really need. But if you want more protection you should go with a laqure or somthing, hardly any oils provide much protection.

tung oil is another thing you can look at if your intrested.

also search google for a 'fine woodworking magizine' website, and look at the finishes section there, and it goes into depth about tru oil and different oil finishes.

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