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getting rid of tabs on single coils?


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i recnetly purchased 3 single coil pickups for a guitar im fixing up for my uncle but wen they arrived i found they were of the triangular shape as opposed to the oval ones. Now My uncle would prefer to not have the guitar routed, and the cavties are all front routed with no pickguard so if i did route it i would have to be prefect then seall the isde of the cavotes etc....this seems liek alot of work adn plus my uncle doesnt want it........so i had another thought. Maybe i coudl just remove the tae and then they would fit in the existing tabs, but i notice it seems to be wher the leads are soldered adn i dont want o risk destroiyng these pickups. So does anyoen know if is is possible to safely remove the tabs and move where the leads are attached?

if anyone doesnt know what i mean here are some examples

oval pickup

Triangular pickup

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the second link is bad. I want to see a triangular pickup :D

I think the one he says is triangular is like the Tele's neck pick up that has the triangular shape base... some vintage Pups were made like that that's why (I think) the rout on the strats is in a triangle shape insted of oval like the select or EMG type...

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