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  1. One of the main mistakes guys make in creating their ultimate guitar is incorporating too much in the way of electronics... the signal can be compared to a stream... the water flowing will seek any and all areas where it can leak out, or become turbulent... While, all the time water arrives at the mouth, seemingly undisturbed... However if it was possible to seal all the places where it leaks out or becomes turbulent.. the volume and intensity at the mouth would increase substantially,, Similarly... the induced signal.. flowing along the circuit.. every time it encounters some kinda
  2. O . . Typically it requires about one year for every inch of thickness to dry the wood... This is assuming you're in a moderate climate... It can be accelerated to some degree by placing the lumber in the attic where it usually hits about 140 degrees... Cut the blank longer and thicker to allow for shrinkage and protect the end grain from checking (splitting) by coating it with a good coat of wax... then, just wait... while you're doing so look for a moisture meter and check periodically when it gets to below 10% you;re good to go.. Then if ya wanna dye it , see my o
  3. there are many different methods of dying the woods, but the one tried and true method is with aniline dyes... that is an acquired skill, not hard, but it does require a bit more knowledge than "the take the rag and smear MinWax stain on the wood method" There are a number of good you tube videos.. I'd encourage you to watch a few and try on scrap lumber before ya dye a finished piece. and note the difference in Stain and Dye, Stain sits on top of the wood, rather like paint.. it's easy to remove should it be necessary. it also like like "paint sitting on the wood" Dye soaks into
  4. Here is the problem with duplicating ANY trademarked aspect of a guitar... and applying counterfeit trademarks.... ON Fenders the headstock shape is a registered trademark, the body shape is not... even if your intent is to keep the guitar forever... forever only lasts until your passing... the guitar continues.... then what? Say your wife inherits it, and she knows it's a fake... and not to sell it... OK, Good, but eventually she passes, the guitar continues. passing into the hands of yet another family member... so that continues until eventually the fact that Great Great Gran
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