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  1. I have looked all over and have searched this forum too and anytime I see an example of a one piece neck build - they go into the vintage truss rod, routing the curved channel, matching the curve on the skunk stripe.. I'm wondering why I couldn't do a one-piece neck and use a 2-way truss rod poking out of the butt end of the neck. Am I missing something? I've done the two-piece thing and would like to build a one-piece neck but I don't really care about being vintage correct and really don't want to build all of the specialty routing jigs I just want to make sure before I experiment that
  2. In general, with any business startup - the advice should be the same. Quality goes without saying, and all the advice here so far is excellent - don't skimp or settle on products or tools that affect your quality and reputation. You can't buy a reputation, so the good news is a good reputation doesn't have to cost you a cent, but a bad reputation can cost you everything.. Beyond quality though - check out a few business books. I'm in the marketing business so the stuff that comes to mind to me goes for any new startup. Whoever said "stand out" is dead on. In sales, this is your unique
  3. I like it! Very unique. Scorching wood can bring about some really neat effects.
  4. I'm not a gibson hater - but i've probably been guilty of spreading the above statement When I lived in nashville i'd go frequent the gibson showcase there at Opry Mills. I think gibson makes some fantastic instruments - but the problem is that you could walk through the store and pick up a $10k Paul that played like crap and then pick up a $1k Studio paul that played like a dream.. Go in the next day you might find something different. There is always something to be said for the in-store setup, however, on a 10k instrument, one would hope they spent some time with it before putting it ou
  5. THis is a seriously beautiful design and execution. I love the body shape. The uniqueness is just subtile enough that still has a traditional feel - but doesn't look like anything else really. Incredible work with the binding and neck as well. Can't wait to see the finished product!
  6. Couldn't have said it better myself. We're also going to build a pretty good directory of small and independent builders on there, so in addition to what you mentioned above - it's a good way to go see who's out there and what they are building, if you are in the market for something.
  7. I've seen 2-3 of these posts lately with folks building guitars in their college classes and I think that is awesome.. Our state school used to have people just design some piece of crap in cad and kick it out in a stereo lithograph printer or something like that for a final grade.. but they too have switch to having everyone make an electric guitar as their final project. They have the computers, a big CNC, and obviously an instructor that knows their stuff. I wish I had graduated from college with a brand new guitar as a take-away Neat looking design. I always loved those kinds of proj
  8. You mean except that Josh at Atlas Stands posts his amp stand builds here and gets much love? I simply mean that this forum is a guitar building forum, not that there isn't room to sneak some other things in as well. I've seen Josh's posts here - i told him about this forum. Josh has a growing company. He posts info about his products lots of places and the more opportunities he has to do so, the better. Same goes for any independent builder trying to get their name out there. thus - the purpose of opening up the other forum. If people are annoyed that I have done that, or that
  9. Folks.. this site is in NO way another version of projectguitar. Project guitar is about building your own guitars - this forum is for people that appreciate hand built guitars, amps, stands, straps, pedals, etc.. I've tried to make that as obvious as possible for this very reason - i don't want people thinking i'm jsut trying to make another projectguitar site. Case in point - a buddy of mine builds these kick-ass amplifier stands. Totally hand made. Where do you talk about something like that. ProjectGuitar isn't really the right place.. TDPri really isn't the right place.. Sure the
  10. Thanks for the feedback! We will work on the "first impression" factor a little more. The basic idea is any gear that isn't mass production stuff. Could definitely include straps and all that stuff too. What it won't be is a place to go check out someone's latest MIM strat or Boss pedals..
  11. Some time I could post more of the progress shots - but the last post was Jan of 2006 and I'm just now getting it finished!! Honestly, i've moved a couple of times, changed jobs several times - this thing has sat in a box for years. Took some dings and scratches, so I sanded off the blue and went with an amber. This was my first actual build that I started and i wanted to get it finished - so i certainly accepted some imperfections, but I learned a lot and it really plays pretty well. It SOUNDS incredible.. The vintage style tele bridge is would pretty hot. In combination with the warm ne
  12. Just an announcement about a new handmade guitar gear community we've started. I know several folks that are in business as small builders of guitars or related gear, and the idea here was to start a forum that can be used to raise awareness of the independent builders. You can check it out at www.handmadeguitargear.com It's brand new, so there isn't much there yet, but every forum started out empty at one time right? Check it out, and if you have some cool gear to post, let us see it - tell us who built it, and what you think of it. Thanks!
  13. OK.. i'm embarrassed to say that the one thing that has held me up on this whole process has been getting around to the finish. Seems when i have the time the weather is awful.. and when the weather is nice I don't have the time haha. Anyway - the weather is kind of mild these days and i'm gonna get this thing done. I tried out this new grain filler I had heard about and wondered if anyone had used it before. It's called TimberMate and I picked it up from woodcraft. Interesting stuff. It's wood filler putty, however you can thin it with some water and use it as a grain filler. Apparentl
  14. ok.. 6 years later - i'm gonna finish this project!! haha.. seriously, i have moved twice, changed jobs 3 times, stuff just happens. Got the neck's back profile halfway carved tonight and made a new fingerboard blank. I used the one for this on a maple neck for another project. Still zircote - but a different piece. I will do a few things to make the project a bit easier - no hand turned knobs, etc.. gonna keep that stuff a little more simple. Anxious to get this finished though. I doubt anyone in this original thread is still even on here - but if nothing else, i might get some new feed
  15. Very nice!! That's quite a process - neat to see what all goes into it. I can't tell from the photos if the pedal board is removable or if it just flips down right there under the amp? Neat idea, especially if you just use a few pedals.
  16. Speaking of squiers - I have an early 80s MIJ squier that puts any new strat to shame that i've ever played.. Most of the MIJ models were fantastic.. As for the MIMs being crap - my experience is that even worse than being crappy, they are inconsistent.. Which sucks if you are ordering one - but great if you can go to a store and actually find the good one out of the bunch. I had a MIM strat from tne 2000-2002 range and the neck was superb. These new ones with the paper-white satin necks i can't stand though. I have never bought any hardware from guitarfetish.. however i've had a bu
  17. I had read about using a shellac sealer AFTEWR i finished this one. I def plan to use it the next time. if nothing else I think it will help the finish lay better and build up a little nicer.
  18. i've used both and for my net one i will be using the wipe on poly again.. there are pros and cons to both but I am impatient and don't do well with long process finishes that have opportunity for me to "screw up" My son loves the guitar - he just gets pissed when i play it.. I can't help it his turned out better than any of mine!
  19. About the neck.. I bought mine form JCs guitars on ebay. They "say" that they inpect each one and are picky about what they sell.. whether that is true or not I have no idea. But the neck I got was straight as an arrow.. Frets polished nicely, very level, and absolutely not a single sharp fret edge anywhere. Feels broken in. The satin finish is great too and i typically hate satin finishes.. I was very surprised. The fret wire is not vintage but it's not jumbo either.. I don't know exactly the spec but it's a very playable neck but the frets aren't so "jumbo" that your note detunes when
  20. Yes, just 3 coats. I'd probably do 5 coats next time. The temp was also cold and rainy and I didn't really have an adequate place for it to dry. It's not a super smelly finish though so letting it airdry for a few mins and bringing it inside works pretty well too. In normal dry conditions you can do 3 coats a day.. let it cure, then rub it out with steel wool and it would look great.
  21. My 8 year old son and I built this for his first real guitar now that he's taking lessons and wants to be able to play like EVH so this was kind of our tribute. This guitar is no build like most of the projects on here - I bought a mighty-mite neck, used parts I had in my shop and bought an ash body off of some guys out in Cali that will custom CNC anything you want for a very reasonable price. This was an early Charvel San Dimas type of thing. We got it with a hard tail. I was going to use tung oil but woodcraft was closed and the only stuff you can get at home depot is formby's and i
  22. I was really fighting doing that, but you're not the first person to suggest it.. so I might just do it. I still have some black mixed too so I could even burst it to match if I really wanted to dial it in. It's a flamed neck so it would certainy bring out the fig.
  23. I have FINALLY gotten to get back to this thing. It's been so hectic here in nashvegas i haven't had much time.. I commute 4 hrs home every weekend to see my fam so i'm pretty much brain dead every evening. Anyway, since i last typed the neck has been carved and fitted with SS frets.. They look killer on the ziricote board. Anxious to get the neck finished and the final level done. My headstock was a bit too thin so I laminated a piece of ziricote on the back to add about 1/8 thickness to it. It's coming along real nicely. A little more shaping to blend it in and that'll be done.
  24. i'll retract what i said, even though it has worked for me.. it was a small bottle of thin glue. Here is a link to storage tips from the guys that make Hot Stuff.. CA Glue Storage Tips It's a little of what everyone here said (except it doesn't back my suggestion up at all lol) but it's simpler than soapbar's It shouldn't take a hour to prep a bottle of CA for storage.. This links has some good rules of thumb.
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