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  1. I am building my first guitar with my dad right now, Its pretty awesome. I had done a ton of research online, but actually having a dad that used to be a carpenter is pretty awesome, because he has all of the tools necessary and some very useful knowledge.
  2. So I have gotten it so that the edges are all complely flat. I also then glued multiple veneers on the sides an bottom, and then sanded them so they were perfectly straight. I do now have a very tight fitting neck pocket that I am pleased with and am now starting to place out the hardware on it.
  3. I was just wondering what kind of strings the majority of people use here. Thanks for voting. This post has been promoted to an article
  4. I think I will just use the website for the fretboard scale calculator. I might not do it now, but I really don't know. The baritone idea was more of a "hey that sounds cool" and now is no longer really tempting.
  5. So I would like my next guitar to be 27" scale length, but I can not find any templates for one. Can you tell me what you would do or suggestions on where to get one? Thank you for any help.
  6. I have to say that I personally really liked the idea of flip flopping inlays. It looks really unique, and I thought the headstock was pretty cool as well. The monkey grip does seem a bit useless... but that's OK in my personal opinion. I am really looking forward to seeing this complete.
  7. First of all, yes the body is biscuit ed together, and I am practicing with scrap ( a fellow guitar builder gave me a free piece of birch to practice on). I was planning on still keeping the guitar, and have bought very nice parts for it though. I would like to be able to still use the body... You can see why I would want to save the guitar (its a fireman) here: http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2011-8/1368737/2161051 They are just pics, but I have spent a LOT of time getting to this point.
  8. SO I just finished routing out the neck pocket, and it fits snug, but there is also a crack that formed on the top right hand side of the neck pocket. Is it anything to worry about, and what would you recommend I do to avoid it from breacking. It is a bolt in neck. pics are here:http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2011-8/1368737/0 In the final picture, I had the idea to just cut away the area with the crack and move that screw. Is this a terrible idea? Any suggestions would be welcome! Thanks
  9. That inlay is wonderful, it looks perfect on that guitar! Whenever I think of a design that complected, I can only think of painting it. The fact that you inlay ed that blows me away.
  10. I love the way that tele looks, and I hate the way telecasters usually look (too boring for me). But the wood finish is really sweet, especially now with the clear coats on it. Excellent job.
  11. Great. I look forward to this build now knowing that it won't be a complete waste of my time! It is going to be a guitar similar to a ibanez fireman, but with my own adjustments!
  12. I have been gifted a nice piece of birch to build a solid body guitar with. My first question would be, is the birch good for anything besides to practice on? Also, would it sound more like alder, or what?
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