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  1. Smith is still with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and also the Glenn Hughes band. Chickenfoot is the third band he's a full time member of,he likes to work.
  2. Never had deja vu before but I get vuja de all the time. The feeling that none of this has happened before.
  3. Here is a Black Keys concert. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=798394207069862173
  4. I've been using them for a while,they last a long,long time.I gig almost every weekend and on one of my guitars a set has been on for over a year.
  5. I saw the Black Crowes last week and they played for 3 hours too.
  6. I know they aren't what many people like and that's ok . The only reason I know who they are is because I saw one of the guitarists at a music shop.Didn't know who he was,just some guy with super long hair,then he plugged in and started blazing.I didn't talk to him but after he left I asked one of the store employees who he was and they told me it was Herman from Dragon Force.
  7. Dragon Force are a great band.The new cd Inhuman Rampage is being released on the 20th of June.
  8. We have a gig so I can't go.BTW somebody should have proofread the poster,they spelled Brambleton wrong.
  9. My first concert was Thin Lizzy in 1977.
  10. Keith Richards. John Fogerty. Michael Schenker. Joe Perry. Jimmy Page. David Gilmour. Albert Lee. Marc Ford. Steve Hunter. Dick Wagner. Aldo Nova. Pat Travers. Jerry Cantrell. Mick Ralphs. Davey Johnstone. Leslie West. Steve Howe. Richie Blackmore. Joe Bonamassa. Donald Roeser. Danny Gatton. Roy Buchanan. Kerry King. Les Paul. Duane Allman. Manny Charleton. Steven Gaines. That's a few of them.
  11. The good old days are right now Lord Of The Strings. Enjoy them. I'm 44 years old with a wife,three teenage daughters,a full time job,serious band commitment and a small luthiery shop. Sleep? Over rated.
  12. He sat in with the Allman Brothers Band at a concert I went to a few years ago. He was alright,nothing special.
  13. If you go to youtube dot com and type 'guitar hero' you will see some funny stuff.
  14. Tool is good band,I've known Maynard for a long time,he's a weird guy. I mean that in a good way. Very introspective and soft spoken in person, you would not know that from his music. Many years ago my wife took me out for our wedding anniversary to a club on Long Island in New York to see a band called The Butt Monkeys. She knew who they were and I didn't,it was an impromptu jamming band with Keenan and Don Roeser.Don goes by the name Buck Dharma,from the Blue Oyster Cult band. It was quite nice to see musicians of that caliber at a small venue. I must be a guitar geek because the main thi
  15. I own a 2005 model 1972 reissue Fender Tele Thinline with the Wide Range pickups. I have an old analog ohm meter too. If someone can tell me how,I'll measure them and post the results.
  16. I have had this one for a long time. Skid Row and Pantera with Ace Frehley live at the Meadowlands playing Cold Gin. http://ace-equals-god.com/videos/Skid%20Ro...0Frehley)1a.wmv
  17. I got a Dremel scroll station 1800. Neat tool. Also got a parallel cutter and a pair of pounce wheels. Soon my basement shop will be up and running. Hope I do ok building my first guitar.
  18. Hi all,my name is David and have recently decided to attempt to build a guitar for the first time. Been playing for around 22 years and have a background in carpentry. After doing some reading I can tell this is the forum I need. Looking forward to discussing instruments,tools and techniques with you. I'd like to contribute a link in my first post. This is a string wrapping tutorial that has worked for me very well. String Wrapping Photos
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