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  1. @Bizman62 but the margin for error when making the inlay cavities is almost zero. If I make (carve? excavate?) these cavities after the fret board is radiused the cavity will have a radiused bottom. I mean using my dremel mount…
  2. The Annapolitan Elephant Built in my laundry room/shop, its my third build overall -- and the first bass attempt. Full 34" scale length with a Musicman style pickup. Since I'm a novice and still figuring out the basics I used mostly generic/non-name hardware and spent most of the budget on more tools. Despite the "affordable" parts I think it sounds great, surprisingly bright. The body & headstock shapes are my own design, refined from my "Teetotaler" guitar design. The overall specs match pretty closely with a modern Fender P-bass - my interests are more in aesthetic design and the woodworking rather than trying to trail-blaze new, ground-breaking specs. No chance of me stumbling on that anyway. Ash body, maple neck and fingerboard, with walnut inlays. Body is stained using Rit Golden-yellow dye and finished with Minwax polycrylic clear gloss. The neck and fretboard are finished with TruOil. The build thread is here: Thanks for checking it out!
  3. Finished up my first bass build and beginning work on the next! Here's the mockup: Not 100% final on the pickguard shape yet -- but this is getting close. I'm using this Ricky clone as inspiration: baby stepping my skills - so this'll be my first attempts at translucent burst dye mother of pearl inlays binding on the body So far I've got the blanks milled and body cut out. Question - the inlay material I got is so thin! How is this going to work on the radius? Won't the edges get sanded down to nothing leaving wood showing...even if I put them in after is sanded? I needed thicker material, right? This is only like 2mm thick!
  4. Strung up, and I’m liking it so far. Just need the string tree to be delivered then can set up— still need to fret level too
  5. @ADFinlayson believe it or not I used Rit all purpose dye - usually for tie-dye shirts and stuff. Golden Yellow finished over with poly as always I look for most cost effective options since I still feel I’m learning the craft. I’ll use brand named hardware when I think I’m ready to do a serious build that I’d let a real player touch. did electronics last night and assembled today also carved the nut. Just got a string up and let neck get used to tension for a few days - then fret level and do final set up.
  6. Looks badass! Pretty damn good for first build…I’d be happy if my 10th turns out this nice. Bravo
  7. Routed the pu cavity and drilled some holes, attached neck … but at 48mm thick the body was a bit too honking so I decided to route off 3mm from the back end it didn’t work out as planned, -the body scraps and leaving “ rails” was a bad idea — the non-sled I rigged up kept leaving ruts, 3mm became 5mm then 7.5mm so after chiseling, planning, and sanding it went from a “chunky meaty body” to a “slim lightweight body” it is what it is round the edges & carved belly cut but sine it’s on the thinner side now I’m not going to make a forearm contour, trying to avoid neck dive but I’m happy with it I suppose- almost panicked and scrapped the whole thing- glad I took a breath
  8. Progress report...made a template for the pick guard. Found centerline using this laser level thing I received 17 years ago as a gift from mother-in-law to hang pictures or something. I've only ever used it for guitar making...and bonus I figured out the red googles it comes with is for seeing the beam better in bright rooms. I gotta start reading directions, I thought it was to proect my eyes from the blinding beam or something so of course I never used them routed the neck pocket... ...and got a nice tight pocket. Starting to look like something resembling a guitar!
  9. Such good work, you’ve inspired me to add binding on my next build.
  10. Back from OBX vacation and did some work - frets in I messed up my drill press trying to use as an arbor press, after 3 frets I went back to good ole hammer and worked so much better- I bet I can tighten something in that drill press to make it stop slipping
  11. Sanding sucks…but got a nice radius with this janky guide Getting close to finished neck now for question time— any advice on sealing/not sealing the finger board? I’ve got some options but (as usual) a unsure the best route here. If any at all
  12. This looks so perfectly crafted that I kinda hate you a little bit
  13. What someone (way more skilled than I) needs to do is install a permanent, rechargeable battery along with the guts of one those mini travel chargers .... and have a (beautifully carved wooden) collapsable/hidden crank handle.
  14. Fortunately I centered them on the fretboard/neck seam…easy enough to drill a hole then take my tiny chisel to punch out the V part right on that line Did some neck carving today a little more of a D contour than I like so tomorrow will have to tweak
  15. Listening to Guitar Knobs podcast today and the guest is Micheal King of Cow Brand guitars --- looking at some of his designs (this guy makes every part of his guitars btw) I find this strap not-button very cool. Wondering if I'm alone on liking this so much, and if it is something he borrowed. Anyone see anything like this before?
  16. Sure I do, I mean it’s not like I carved little tiny wood tears to go in there… I did consider it though
  17. Finished (mostly) the head/fretboard transition Then carved out the side dot cavities, in tear drop shape filled with epoxy/wood dust mix ...
  18. Did some neck work today Sure wish I had a bandsaw with more clearance Still working on the transition curve …
  19. Great stuff! That headstock is so funky. You should definitely build more
  20. Slowly but surely. Rough cut neck, took a visit to clamp city and routed I wanted some more length on the fretboard so added a scrap at last fret hope it’ll be hard to spot at the heel. Kinda concerned it’ll pop off if truss rod is tightened too much, guess time will tell…
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