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  1. Sanding sucks…but got a nice radius with this janky guide Getting close to finished neck now for question time— any advice on sealing/not sealing the finger board? I’ve got some options but (as usual) a unsure the best route here. If any at all
  2. This looks so perfectly crafted that I kinda hate you a little bit
  3. What someone (way more skilled than I) needs to do is install a permanent, rechargeable battery along with the guts of one those mini travel chargers .... and have a (beautifully carved wooden) collapsable/hidden crank handle.
  4. Fortunately I centered them on the fretboard/neck seam…easy enough to drill a hole then take my tiny chisel to punch out the V part right on that line Did some neck carving today a little more of a D contour than I like so tomorrow will have to tweak
  5. Listening to Guitar Knobs podcast today and the guest is Micheal King of Cow Brand guitars --- looking at some of his designs (this guy makes every part of his guitars btw) I find this strap not-button very cool. Wondering if I'm alone on liking this so much, and if it is something he borrowed. Anyone see anything like this before?
  6. Sure I do, I mean it’s not like I carved little tiny wood tears to go in there… I did consider it though
  7. Finished (mostly) the head/fretboard transition Then carved out the side dot cavities, in tear drop shape filled with epoxy/wood dust mix ...
  8. Did some neck work today Sure wish I had a bandsaw with more clearance Still working on the transition curve …
  9. Great stuff! That headstock is so funky. You should definitely build more
  10. Slowly but surely. Rough cut neck, took a visit to clamp city and routed I wanted some more length on the fretboard so added a scrap at last fret hope it’ll be hard to spot at the heel. Kinda concerned it’ll pop off if truss rod is tightened too much, guess time will tell…
  11. Oh yeah, thanks for noticing-it helped be make my decision to not use this, but to save and use as a guitar neck instead. All of your suggestions were helpful BTW - even if I just stored them away for future consideration.
  12. Actually I really did ... I also really like Scarlet Johansson, sadly both are beyond my reach at this point. Good news is that one day I may be able to do your suggestions. Not likely on the other front
  13. I'm going to try to get wick in some glue (thanks for all the tips on that!) -- but for sure I'm not going to try and repair this with any wood ties or scarf joint. Even if operation:glue-the-cracks is successful I get the feeling just knowing its there I'll obsess that it's causing some imagined, phantom-like issue. Most likely I'll chop off the cracked end and repurpose this one as a guitar neck (this is/was a bass neck so I've got the length) for a travel guitar I'm planning to build next. I have another bass neck blank already milled, I'll be sure to work further from the ed
  14. I'm pretty sure this neck (to be) is ruined -- I'm hoping someone can confirm that, or possibly give me advice on how to salvage. I was tacking in a tiny spike to keep the fretboard from slipping during glue-up, on 2nd tap I caused a hairline crack/split. More pronounced on the back -- this is at the heel if not obvious:
  15. The talent and imagination of members continues to stun me. This will be something I pay attention to for sure - good luck (not that you need it)!
  16. Lil bit of progress, neck & fretboard coming along. I'm hoping that with sanding/radiusing the fretboard the inlays will sharpen up. Sorry for picture overload of boring stuff, but I'm using this site as my personal build journal
  17. @curtisa thanks! that makes so much sense that it should’ve been more than obvious - but not to me as usual
  18. that is funny right there
  19. This looks phenomenal! - yet another builder who makes me embarrassed of my (so called) skiils - can't wait to see this fully baked.
  20. Hope someone can help -- maybe a dumb question, but here goes... On this build I intend to try a heel accessible truss rod, and following Stewmac instructions as so (these are grabs from Stewmac site) and I'm planning to route an access channel something like this: So, finally the question--- If to insert the truss rod by just sliding it into the channel as shown, whats to stop it from sliding out into the access cavity? I've stalled my build until I can figure it out, here's where I am now: Maybe I shouldn't have the truss rod access cavity at all
  21. Looks so good! Question- I love the contour where the neck plate goes always want to try that— but do you use shorter screws?
  22. All I see is... ...which isn’t a bad thing
  23. The whole thing was a mess, even after several tries using various methods/tools. Yes, I use illustrator. As for getting specific dimensions I just set the units (of measurement) to inches or millimeter (rather than the default pixels), which you then can view/resize using the transform tool. Also, I always align all strokes/outlines to the inside of the shapes (rather than outside or centered) to ensure the exact size stays the same: This is exactly the conclusion I came up with hours later while sitting on the couch watching TV...I find myself continuou
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