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  1. Looks badass! Pretty damn good for first build…I’d be happy if my 10th turns out this nice. Bravo
  2. Routed the pu cavity and drilled some holes, attached neck … but at 48mm thick the body was a bit too honking so I decided to route off 3mm from the back end it didn’t work out as planned, -the body scraps and leaving “ rails” was a bad idea — the non-sled I rigged up kept leaving ruts, 3mm became 5mm then 7.5mm so after chiseling, planning, and sanding it went from a “chunky meaty body” to a “slim lightweight body” it is what it is round the edges & carved belly cut but sine it’s on the thinner side now I’m not going to make a forearm contour, trying to avoid neck dive but I’m happy with it I suppose- almost panicked and scrapped the whole thing- glad I took a breath
  3. Progress report...made a template for the pick guard. Found centerline using this laser level thing I received 17 years ago as a gift from mother-in-law to hang pictures or something. I've only ever used it for guitar making...and bonus I figured out the red googles it comes with is for seeing the beam better in bright rooms. I gotta start reading directions, I thought it was to proect my eyes from the blinding beam or something so of course I never used them routed the neck pocket... ...and got a nice tight pocket. Starting to look like something resembling a guitar!
  4. Such good work, you’ve inspired me to add binding on my next build.
  5. Back from OBX vacation and did some work - frets in I messed up my drill press trying to use as an arbor press, after 3 frets I went back to good ole hammer and worked so much better- I bet I can tighten something in that drill press to make it stop slipping
  6. Sanding sucks…but got a nice radius with this janky guide Getting close to finished neck now for question time— any advice on sealing/not sealing the finger board? I’ve got some options but (as usual) a unsure the best route here. If any at all
  7. This looks so perfectly crafted that I kinda hate you a little bit
  8. What someone (way more skilled than I) needs to do is install a permanent, rechargeable battery along with the guts of one those mini travel chargers .... and have a (beautifully carved wooden) collapsable/hidden crank handle.
  9. Fortunately I centered them on the fretboard/neck seam…easy enough to drill a hole then take my tiny chisel to punch out the V part right on that line Did some neck carving today a little more of a D contour than I like so tomorrow will have to tweak
  10. Listening to Guitar Knobs podcast today and the guest is Micheal King of Cow Brand guitars --- looking at some of his designs (this guy makes every part of his guitars btw) I find this strap not-button very cool. Wondering if I'm alone on liking this so much, and if it is something he borrowed. Anyone see anything like this before?
  11. Sure I do, I mean it’s not like I carved little tiny wood tears to go in there… I did consider it though
  12. Finished (mostly) the head/fretboard transition Then carved out the side dot cavities, in tear drop shape filled with epoxy/wood dust mix ...
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