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Stuff has been done.


That is what she looked like after Spraying on the first coat of "Boston musical products - Nitrocellulose Lacquer Aerosol"

I repeated the spraing/drying cycle 2 ore times as it said on the spraycan.

About 10 minutes ago I "sanded" her with a polish sponge my father brought home from work. It's usually used to polish silverware. ( It  said on the package that it'd be somewhere above 800 grid)

After doing so it felt much smother and looked much shinier .Prior to taking the picture I polished her with guitar polish and out lemonoil on the fretboard. Sadly I am as useful as a fan in outerspace when it comes to taking pictures, so it looks like this:



Do you guy have any Idea what to do with the headstock? I thought about just finishing it the same way i finished the top, but I've only ever seen LP's that have a black-ish headstock.


I'll have 3 days off + a girlfriendless weekend next week. Time to finish her up and go shopping for some hardware, since I don't want to use the gold knobs that came with the kit.

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I see you've learned that outdoor pictures look better than indoor pics....the light is so much better.


I'd go with black on the headstock. LP's just want to have black headstocks.


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She is done... almost.

The Pickupselector switch doesnt work. it doesn't do the click when it changes postitions. It just kinda hangs in there. Already ordered another one.



I out in all the hardware that came with it. I will be changing out the knobs and maybe the pickup surroundings. Also later (exactly when this set of strings has gone bad) I'll exchange the plastic nut.

I'm still debating with myself if I want to refret the neck with jumbos.IMG_20150820_192518_zpsrytk9hkz.jpg

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