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Hello! This is going to be my first attempt at replacing hardware on my guitar. My question is how do I go about finding the specs I need for my guitar? I have the original neck that came with the guitar that I want to replace, so what dimensions or measurements do I need to look at? 


Any help will will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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I found a S-style no brand guitar that I really like but I want to upgrade the neck, hardware and pickups. Since this guitar cost me very little money to acquire, I figured it would be a good learning tool for doing all these upgrades. I have no previous experience with this and have been relaying on google and YouTube but I cannot find anything about what to look for when replacing a neck. I assume I cannot just get any guitar neck to fit.

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Finding a perfect replacement may be a bit hit and miss, but perhaps look for:

  • Number of frets matching original neck
  • Scale length matching original neck
  • Dimensions of heel area - length and width of flat portion of heel.
  • Height of neck from face of heel to peak of fretboard
  • Radius of fretboard

Some of these dimensions may be hard to come by (other than radius and scale length) and I suspect that most manufacturers may not give them out, other than to say 'fits Strats'. You can always take a punt and order a 'Strat-ish' neck and hope for the best, but if it doesn't fit well enough you will have to employ some woodworking skills to make it fit. The fit issues that you may come up against aren't insurmountable (heel wrong size and/or shape, thickness of neck at heel too tall/short), but they are beyond the scope of a simple 'drop and swap' of guitar parts.

Warmoth may be able to supply dimensions if you send them an email?

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