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  1. Yikes, thats not good at all. Try some new batteries. I know mine will give funky readings when the batteries are running low.
  2. *waits for someone who actually knows about Satanism (such as myself) to chime in to point out the fallacy of such a comment* So, lovely weather today, eh?
  3. I would prototype it, but I don't have a working circuit, and I can't make the bobbins for whatever reason (they always fall apart on me, haha). The EMI would still interfere, but my thinking is that, since the two coils are at a 90ish degree angle to each other, the 45 degree angle in respect to the bridge pickup would mean that much of the EMI would go down into the body, under the pickup.
  4. So, I had an idea for a driver design. I'm not sure if anyone has though of this yet. Its sort of a hybrid between the standard humbucker design and a coil on its side (like the Q-tuner pickups). Here it is: I have absolutely NO idea of such a design would work as I imagine it in my head. Anyone with more knowledge care to comment? Please excuse the HORRIBLE artwork.
  5. Does anyone have a working, single sided PCB layout for the fetzer/ruby amp? I've etched two of my own design so far, and for whatever reason it doesn't seem to be working. EDIT: Never mind, a closer inspection of the schematic and PCB layout over at runoffgroove.com shows that its the same.
  6. Sounds like a potting issue to me. How did you pot your driver?
  7. FlashBandit, that is exactly how I pot my coils. The only downside is that, when winding by hand, the center windings may become loose. Still, for me its a LOT easier to wind it then pot it in wax for about 15 minutes. A tip: I use a double boiler, but my wax is actually in a mason jar. I just fill the top pot up with water and set the mason jar inside it. This prevents you from having to deal with a big chunk of wax in your pot after you are done. The only down side is that the coil MAY get hot enough to soften the wax allowing windings to shift, but I'm not entirely sure.
  8. I spent the entire day today fabricating some cores and bobbins to make a dual rail driver. Rather than go with the smaller drivers everyone else is making, I'm building this driver to just completely replace the neck humbucker. How have the driver details, especially with the dual rail drivers, changed? Avalon mentioned two ~13 ohm coils wired in parallel for a total of ~6.75 ohms. Has anyone experimented with two ~4 ohm coils wired in series for ~8 ohms as per the original single coil? I've got a neat little core/magnet arrangement that would yield a dual rail driver the size of a single coil. However, there isn't enough space to fit two 13 ohm coils, but would likely have plenty of room for two ~4 ohm coils.
  9. Thanks for the tip, Avalon. I assume you are using a standard LM386 amp to power it?
  10. So, summer is upon me, which means loads of free time. I'd love to revamp the sustainer I built a year ago. Would anyone care to point me towards the pages where some of the more recent and promising tweaking has taken place? I would especially like to revamp my amp, i.e. build something different. Any help would be great! I'll be reading through this thread tomorrow when its not quite as late (if I started now, I'd be up till 4AM!).
  11. David, if you had typed in "debanados" in to Google, it would have offered a spelling correction of "devanados" which translates to windings.
  12. I'm not sure, but I believe that the ebow, while having a smaller coil, actually has more of the coil acting on the string than the DIY driver (i.e. the driver only uses a short section of the entire coil, while the ebow uses the entire length of the coil).
  13. What kind of files are you talking about? If they are pictures, use photobucket or some other similar picture hosting service. Also, be sure to review the picture posting rules. Also, the neck pocket refers to the pocket routed in the guitar body in which the neck is bolted into. There are piezo pickups that can be inserted between the body and the neck in that pocket.
  14. David, I designed my sustainer to use a 12v battery (actually, an 8-cell AA battery clip). The components you use dictate the power you can use. The LM386 chip has a range anywhere between 6v (I believe) to 18v+, depending on the manufacturer and specific specifications of the chip (those voltages are estimates -- they can have a variety of values). Obviously, you would not want to use an 18v power supply for a 12v circuit, because reducing the voltage via resistors greatly decreased the efficiency of the battery. As for the cell phone type batteries, for the most part I think they are too expensive to use during this phase of research. Once this project is finalized, if ever, then we could start looking at alternate batteries. As of right now, however, standard off the shelf batteries are more cost efficient, I think.
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