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  1. I got the parts back from the anodizer the other day. Here's how they turned out: Here's how the Dual Action works - on the left (the 6-string tremolo) you will note that there are two positions for the bearing and shaft. This allows you to change the behavior of the tremolo from stiff and extreme to smooth and subtle. The 7-string tremolo on the right has only one bearing due to the extra force applied from the string tension.
  2. My guess would be for a radiused string height, like a TOM-bridge has.. @Cactus - you're right. It has a 16" radius. Previous revisions of the trems had "steps" and equally deep grooves, but I think this looks better. Note that each string has individual height adjustment as well.
  3. I am indeed planning on selling these! I have been looking for an alternative to knife edges for a long time and have been sold out of the regular tremolos, not wanting to commit to ordering new parts, so am very pleased to arrive here.
  4. So, here's a completely different kind of build - hopefully to the general interest! I have spent the weekend at the mill and lathe constructing a new headless tremolo. 6 mm aluminium to begin with. I am doing a 6-string and a 7-string in parallel, which is the reason for the two different size pieces. Here, I have routed the grooves that the tuners will sit in (on the 7-string) The two base plates, almost finished Plates completed This is what brings it all together Almost there... And assembled! What's interesting with this tremolo is that it is based on needle bearings and has two options for fulcrum points. One give more extreme action and the other is much smoother. More pictures will follow! I am sending them away for engraving of logo and then anodization.
  5. Here's "#5" - another installment in the Ergonomic Guitar System Mahogany back, chambered Wenge top, book matched w/ white veneer strip 4 mm radius edge Belly carve + arm bevel (Wenge top bent to fit) Oil finish 2 x Lundgren M7 pickups 2-position selector: Neck/Bridge Master volume, master tone Strandberg EGS Series 3 fixed bridge and string locks, custom color blue 3pc through body maple neck with 2 x mahogany and 4 x carbon fiber laminates, double-acting truss rod 25.75” – 25” scale 24 medium/high stainless frets Rosewood fretboard
  6. Check out log of produced instruments including those for sale at http://guitarworks.thestrandbergs.com/instruments/
  7. If you live in the San Antonio, TX area and want to try #3, give me a shout! I am there between today (10/10/10) and (10/13/10).
  8. I have created a step-by-step guide on how to plan and build your very own Strandberg Guitarworks EGS guitar. http://guitarworks.thestrandbergs.com/2010...diy-egs-guitar/
  9. Don't forget to vote in Guitar of the Month for June! Thanks for your support. Cheers, Ola
  10. I will be in London (around Canary Wharf) between the 7th and 9th of June. If you are in the London area and would like to take one of the EGS guitars for a spin, let me know and I will bring it.
  11. The f-hole actually took a lot of effort to design. It has several purposes: - it is a play on my logotype, with the '.' and '*' in .strandbergGuitarworks - it shows that the guitar is semi-hollow - it is a decorative feature But having said that, I am very happy with the non-f-hole look. I just have to find another way to get my logo/name onto the instrument. I have ordered custom neck plates engraved with my logo, and will sign and number inside the neck pocket. Having an f-hole and putting a label inside, would be pretty cool....
  12. Some more sound samples being uploaded as I am writing this. #2, which is the maple top, mahogany back, "normal" profile maple neck with the sound channels is becoming the majority's favorite. A lot of people seem to think that PAF pickups with really dot the "I" so will try that. I am torn between #2 and the wenge top one (#3). I like the look of #3 guitar the most and have entered it into Guitar of the Month for June, so be sure to vote! Tremolo is very stable, but Squier nut not so good with the current gauge of strings. I will fix and post some abusive samples.... I have had the same thought as Geo suggests and need to replace the whole Squire neck anyway since it is not really stable in shifting weather conditions, I just noticed. Just one pic of each, finished: #1 #2 #3 #4
  13. Here is the second installment in the Ergonomic Guitar System. Build thread is at http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=42643. Specs: Body Material: Swamp Ash Back, Wenge Top, Book Matched Body Characteristics: Semi-hollow, Solid top, Rounded edge Finish: Watco Danish Oil Pickups: 2 x Lace Alumitone Splittable Humbuckers Switching: 5-position lever with the following positions: 1. Neck 2. Neck w/ Treble Roll-Off 3. Neck + Bridge Parallel In Phase 4. Neck + Bridge Parallel Out Of Phase 5. Bridge Wiring: Master Volume Knobs: Ebony Bridge: EGS Series 3 Black/Black String Lock: EGS Series 3 Black Neck: 3pc Wenge Laminate, Trapezoidal Neck Profile Fretboard: Ebony Fretwire: Jumbo Truss Rod: EGS Carbon Fiber Spinal Truss Scale: 25.5” (bass end) – 25” (treble end) 22 Frets http://guitarworks.thestrandbergs.com/wp-c...nt/img_2534.jpg http://guitarworks.thestrandbergs.com/wp-c...nt/img_2535.jpg http://guitarworks.thestrandbergs.com/wp-c...nt/img_2536.jpg http://guitarworks.thestrandbergs.com/wp-c...nt/img_2550.jpg http://guitarworks.thestrandbergs.com/wp-c...nt/img_2552.jpg I have links to lots more pictures and sound clips on the build thread.
  14. Thanks for the discussion - I am enjoying it a lot! As for neck sound comparison, the plan is to rotate the necks across the different bodies and try to record the same thing with each for comparison. Just have to find a slot in the schedule and a guitarist patient enough.... Cheers, Ola
  15. Videos/sound clips are up - check my site! Pauliemc, the Rick Toone neck utilizes the Toone-Townsend solid neck core, but mine are all adjustable: - the Wenge neck has a 15mm OD/12 mm ID CF tube with a single truss inside, mounted asymmetrically at the bottom of the tube - the Maple neck has a Martin style aluminium truss rod and is reinforced with CF in the laminates - the last neck (on the f-hole guitar) is a Moses Graphite neck, adjustable in the heel end. The Wenge neck seems a little brighter and the Moses neck a little warmer with the maple in between, but that is very preliminary. Seems like air channels make the neck respond very quickly, but that is again preliminary. Check out the sound clips and see if you can make any educated guesses :-)
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