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  1. Check ut this photo, this is how I use CF rods... http://beta.communities.msn.ca/RiceBass/fr...hoto&PhotoID=12 and remember to keep from breathing in the stuff if you cut it or shape it in any way, keep the fibers out of your skin as well. I think the best thing is just to avoid cutting or sanding it at all unless you really need to.
  2. Here is my second hybrid bass... Specs... cocobolo fingerboard cocobolo bridge, unbleached bone saddle one piece mahogany body bookmatched spalted maple top five piece neck- birdseye maple, bubinga,birdseye, bubinga,birdseye MOP side dot indicators Fishman Natural Matrix I undersaddle tranducer with active preamp rosewood volume knob straplocks, not recessed- in order to give it a "built in stand" body is grainfilled with epoxy and finished with satin nitro neck is finished with Sam Maloof's poly/oil ABM headless hardware - except for bridge quilted maple cavity cover I ALMOST FORGOT! It has a very low ZERO FRET... "OMG!"... and its fretless, well it must be cheaply made in China- oh well. Last time I said that the next one would be all shiny and glossy, I guess I lied. After comparing some tests of different finishes I just had to go with satin. It just looks more appealing to me, but still not as appealing as a poly/oil finish. Its not perfect, but my 50th one will be...
  3. acutally yes, it is a giant chair- no kidding. This is me sitting in the exact same chair.
  4. Before anyone points out the obvious...Yeah, Yeah I know- it is not all shiny and glossy like most of you guys would prefer, but I think the next one will have that going on. aidlook, dont let the size of that oversized chair fool you... the scale on that bass is 33.5". The neck itself is actually much longer than the most any bass neck-minus the headstock (even with the very slightly smaller scale length), it does not even make contact with the body until the 21st position- and then the neck even goes up to about the 30th position on the G string. Yeah, Yeah I know- it is not all shiny and glossy like most of you guys would prefer, but I think the next one will have that going on. Drak, I really dig the design on that one, way to go on the cool horns. The Fatboy is extremely professional looking. BigD- good job on the build- great looking guitar
  5. This is my hybrid fretless bass...from scratch-except tuners- head unit and fishman transducer/ preamp. I will post some higher quality- more revealing- pics if I can get some. Body- 2 piece maple, 1/4" book-matched amboyna burl top, big leaf quilted maple control cover, sound chamber in upper part of body, recessed strap locks and jack Neck- birdseye maple, cocobolo fingerboard with 16" radius, 30 "fret"-less access, pearl side dots, "filed down" zero fret, curved fretboard end, bolt on Bridge- cocobolo and bone with fishman matrix natural 1 undersaddle piezo Hardware- ABM headless - except for the bridge, which I replaced with my own Electronics- Fishman MAtrix natural 1 piezo, single volume knob- 9 volt fishman preamp Strings- LeBella double ball end, tapewounds. Finish- Sam Maloof's combination of boiled linseed, tung oil and polyeurathane Sound- as much like an upright as I have ever heard coming from an electric bass
  6. alway have all of the necessary hardware on hand before you start building something... or things could go wrong. The exception to the rule is that your are building something identical to something you have already done, and you know that it will work again.
  7. Those pedulla glossy black fingerboards have some sort of synthetic finish on them, I dont even think there is any ebony in there. My neighbor has one that I did a repair on for a while, it was a nice flame maple 4 string fretless. Call pedulla or send them an email, do not tell them you are trying to copy their fboards just let them know your are "interested" in their product and are very curious about their fretboard materials/methods.
  8. "For the record" Everyone who mentioned anything about the Baphomet "neck" also gave a compliment. I do not think that anyone meant to lessen the credibility of such a unique and well executed design. I think it (Baphomet) is a damn sweet instrument, and the simplistic nature of Mushy's is something that I love as well, I have been toying with the more simplistic side of design myself. As far my opinion about the neck being the most difficult part, at least the most tedious (yet enjoyable) I meant the whole neck, including the fretboard and fretjob. If you look again you will see I followed this with a disclaimer that I have very little experience with inlay work- thus admitting that it may very well be more diificult to do than neck building. The point of this being brought up was only to clarify that the neck was premade- something which may have been "clear", but which I personally did not realize the first time i checked Baphomet. Finally, every instrument posted this month is worthy of praise in one way or another- they were all crafted and thought out very well. Westheman, I know I can only speak for myself but I think absolutely no harm was meant by any of us. Build ON... Ryan
  9. Southpa. For me its only about the fun... I just like it when things are clearly stated. ie I have always wanted to "physically" build and design my own house, many folks out there like to say "Yeah, were are building a custom house." What they mean is that they are paying someone else to build the house for them, no biggie but for some odd reason it kind of annoys me a bit. Perhaps it is only because I like to actually do nearly everything on my own even when I have no previous experience- fix my truck, demo rooms in my 1910 house and rebuild them, refinish my floors, build instruments, fix instruments, do my own plumbing and electric, build my own hardwood furniture, hot rod my Vino scooter...etc. I get the feeling that a lot of people in this forum are of a similar type. Peace, Ryan
  10. LGM, I am glad someone mentioned what most of us where thinking about the- "from scratch exept for the neck" clause. Hmmm... what is the hardest part of an instrument to construct and plan, or at least the most important part of it? However, this is not say that I have much experience with inlay work- good job on that Anastasia. PS> the pics on my page (besides my bass) are of my lovely wife and I, as well as our newborn baby boy! Peace, Ryan
  11. here is the first instrument that I built... from scratch- orginal design My Webpage hidden from above neck thru- 7 piece bubinga and purple heart top- big leaf quilted maple body wings core- mahogany back of body- bubinga fretboard- rosewood hand turned knobs- amboyna burl pickups- seymour duncan basslines- active JJ- with extra wide spcaing between the two of them eq- actvive 3 band seymour duncan with slap contour switch (however, this is not a slappers bass) scale- 34.5" headless ABM hardware finish- no stains- only a special blend of boiled linseed oil, tung oil and polyeurathane Lex, your bass is pretty sweet looking, PEace, Ryan
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