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  1. day 6 and 7!!! fretboard sloting table jig,
  2. "every girl is crazy for a sharp dessed man!" lt's put some plush when finishing! lol
  3. New updates from this week. Picukup and neck cavities open. Neck now have a pre-shape, and of course lots of raw cuts! LOL
  4. Komodo, I will fill them. Probably with epoxy colored (or not) resign, but at this moment i did not think in final finish yet. I have some ideas but nothing decided yet. Yes cedar is a great wood for guitars, this one that I used in this project is very ligth and sounds with mids pronouced. Scott, you forgot to mention that I win the trophy for use less clamps when clamping too!! Always when I post a raw cut / sanding, or clamping something I remember the coments of you guys here from PG (LOL). I think that doesn't matter how many guitar I already made at this point in my life ( or will do ), I always getting mesmerized with wood grain, veils and general aspects from every cut that I made. Discover the internal secrets from wood it's a exting adventure! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About the "industrial production line" - I'm just using templates to make job more easy to do and get standardized meassures for all parts. This because I not decide the combinations neck/body/top. So this way I need interchangeble parts to the four guitars. Off course that in some step of the job I'll work exclusively in one at the time. But I like the idea of four guitars finished at same time!
  5. new updates, truss rod channel and outlines routed
  6. Some Little Updates! The bodies outlines are routed and raw sanded. Necks are glued and I'll work on then next week.
  7. Youre rigth! Tornillo and Agentine Cedar are the woods that we use here in Brasil. It's quite diferent that species used on horth america and europe!
  8. Western Cedar - Thuja plicata (Cupressaceae), its another family! But I think that is more closer to the traditional coniferous used on acoustic soundboards.
  9. Let's discover if our Cedar are the same. Here I used two species of cedar (even knowing that they're not from same family): - Cedro Rosa (pink cedar) that have a characteristic smell wich is Cedrela fissilis (Meliaceae). - Cedro Arana don't have the same smell of Pink wich is Cedrelinga Catanaeformis (Fabaceae) Wich is that you guys are using?
  10. Here they are. The two first pics are Eucalyptus, the third it's Cinamomo.
  11. Yeah MisterMike 4 its a big dive! I have made other two 7strings (have some entry on the GOTM) with Cedar back and Umbuia top one of them it's mine and I tell you: sounds great!
  12. Well After almost an year working just on repairing and setup guitars and basses, I decided to build something new. This project have a lag of a year, some stuffs of my day life/job/study makes me put it a side, but now it started and I'll share this with you guys! Will be four seven strings guitars, with multiscale (25 to 27 inch) Willkinson hardware, Cabrera pickups (two guitars), Jescar stainless frets. The woods are Cedar (2 bodies), Tauari (2 bodies), Marfim (4 necks and 2 fretboards), Imbuia (2 fretboards) , Eucaliptus Root (2 tops), Cinamomo Roots (1 top). I'll send the species later. That's all for a while! Pics of day one, rough cut and glue.
  13. Tks Natural! They sounds goog, with mids and midhis pronounced and killer harmonics when pluged in. At least the first one with ken armstrong pickups. I'm making the eletronics of the another ones. But its almost shure that sounds like the firstone. I made one for me years ago and sounds equal.
  14. Hi all! Miss you guys so much, but time in last days as rare! Here is a project that I'm finishing for a brazilian skate brand as part of the sponsorship of a local rock festival that will perform at Nov 25. It's 4 skateboard guitars made from "reclycled" old skateboard decks and guitars that became trash. I worked hard to find 4 guitars that have well intonated neck to use and recycle necks and hardwares. The bodies are all from maple plywood skate decks the rest is recyled from other guitars. Here some pics
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