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  1. Osorio - The four years gap

    ohhhhh the BASES!!! sorry my bad! the bases I prototype myself with an L aluminum profile!
  2. Osorio - The four years gap

    tks woden! i've buyed two Wilkinson vs100 ro do these ones!
  3. The Twin Girls Hi all! Here my two last builds, you can see my threads here or facebook. Hope you enjoy! Woods (Both): - Body: Ceddar - Top: Imbuia - Fretboard: Rosewood - Scale 28''-25'' - Mate PU Finish Twin #1 (Chrome hardware) - Stewmat 150 fretwire - Gotoh Tuners - Wilkinson Saddles with aluminum custom base monorail bridge - Malagoli Custom 84 pickup bridge - Malagoli EVO pickup bridge - Two way trusrod - Dunlop Strings 10-64 - A standart tuning Twin #2 (Gold hardware) - Jescar stainlles fret wire - Schaler Tuners - Modified Schaller Hannes Bridge - Seymour Duncan Nazgul bridge pickup - Seymour Duncan Sentient neck pickup - Two way trusrod - Daddario Strings 13-74 - F# standart tuning
  4. Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Amazing Job! This top is incredible!
  5. Osorio - The four years gap

    Tks Zoltar that's idea, classic, modern and futuristic. If you guys have liked, you had no idea about me!
  6. Osorio - The four years gap

    Pan, that's ideia, looks like old furniture or some coffin finishes. tKS!
  7. Osorio - The four years gap

    Tks Prostheta, should I engaged GOTM? The shcaller bridge it's all a question to find de rigth screws you can use in any multiscale.
  8. Osorio - The four years gap

    They are finished! Don't know about you guys, but I like so much the final result, more pics is comming ...
  9. Osorio - The four years gap

    updates from this week. I use a stained sealer to get a little dark finish, made some ligth burst with 4 or 5 coats. I like the results. At least semi-mate pu varnish was aplied
  10. Osorio - The four years gap

    yesss is awesome!!! I have two more of then .. I guess.
  11. Osorio - The four years gap

    Tks pankara, some ideas was collected over the internet from other brands, I just made a mix of then, that think be nice on the project. I decide to not use the wood bridge, basicly because the volume knob position. If it will be used, a stainless steel plate will be used too.