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  1. LOL!! The raw became a fine touch! Ever! I'm almost finish, need to sand some things to glue body and neck together, but I decide to put fishman Presys into #1 (for my own). So more cavities are needed to open. Before someone ask, I remove the mic pickup circuit, and there will enter the signal from magnetic pickups to blend with piezo. A switch will make the magnetic signal enter or not into the preamp, but I have to think this circuit better.
  2. some updates a lot of things was made and a lot of sand ahead!
  3. Sorry but these ones din't have the violin cutouts! It's nice and have a great design apeal but you get tired of them soon playing all days. The out line in this 4 projects it's inspired on those with violin cutouts plus some influences of other modern outlines with my personal touch. Headstock is ESP kinda, but I'll change it. Even the arch top will not appear, instead of it I'll make some bevels where intent to show the sides of top and back woods of the top. Like I said, its a modern design, for this reason I take care and think well every cut.
  4. In fact #1 I'm building to my self. It's a simple guitar without top and will receive probably a solid matte withe finish. Due different woods on the body and top they will sound different. Visually I think that both #2 an #4 it's more my mood at this moment I don't know what kind finishes use into them, but think that I'm going into these modern burst that people are using today, but at same time I want smothing classy that if you look for the guitar past 10 years still tasty to the eyes. Give me some directions guys ....
  5. Here some updates from this project. Wich one you guys is liking most?
  6. Some updates from the last days
  7. day 6 and 7!!! fretboard sloting table jig,
  8. "every girl is crazy for a sharp dessed man!" lt's put some plush when finishing! lol
  9. New updates from this week. Picukup and neck cavities open. Neck now have a pre-shape, and of course lots of raw cuts! LOL
  10. Komodo, I will fill them. Probably with epoxy colored (or not) resign, but at this moment i did not think in final finish yet. I have some ideas but nothing decided yet. Yes cedar is a great wood for guitars, this one that I used in this project is very ligth and sounds with mids pronouced. Scott, you forgot to mention that I win the trophy for use less clamps when clamping too!! Always when I post a raw cut / sanding, or clamping something I remember the coments of you guys here from PG (LOL). I think that doesn't matter how many guitar I already made at this point in my life ( or will do ), I always getting mesmerized with wood grain, veils and general aspects from every cut that I made. Discover the internal secrets from wood it's a exting adventure! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About the "industrial production line" - I'm just using templates to make job more easy to do and get standardized meassures for all parts. This because I not decide the combinations neck/body/top. So this way I need interchangeble parts to the four guitars. Off course that in some step of the job I'll work exclusively in one at the time. But I like the idea of four guitars finished at same time!
  11. new updates, truss rod channel and outlines routed
  12. Some Little Updates! The bodies outlines are routed and raw sanded. Necks are glued and I'll work on then next week.
  13. Youre rigth! Tornillo and Agentine Cedar are the woods that we use here in Brasil. It's quite diferent that species used on horth america and europe!
  14. Western Cedar - Thuja plicata (Cupressaceae), its another family! But I think that is more closer to the traditional coniferous used on acoustic soundboards.
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