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  1. You mean the high E string missing, right? Congratulations, that strat looks great... maybe you have to practice a ll bit before the gig, that fan must not be easy to play. Good luck anyway.
  2. Thanks!... That part is quite difficult to keep it perfect... can't sand/polish it properly. I just can't reach the edge... but in the picture got some weird reflection, it doesn't look so bad in real. ^^
  3. Just need to wire the electronics and put some strings... see you soon!
  4. Well, that was a complicated finish... but still rocks. Next time just give it 5-7 more clear coats than needed, just to be safe.
  5. Uploading the pictures to PG is the most reliable option, and probably the fastest one. It also happened to me with Dropbox... but not sure if I have time to re-upload all the pics in my old posts.
  6. Great builds... and welcome back, hope to see more of your work in the near future.
  7. Great woods, great workshop and a fantastic job... congratulations, I whish I could work like you do.
  8. I usually make a pre-template in a 5mm kinda board (which I don't know the name in english, sorry),.. working on all the curves in a thinner material is much easier and faster. Then I make the final template from it.
  9. No problem, but you should say thanks to Prostheta instead, as I copied from him.... ^^ Thanks guys, glad you like this one.
  10. Hi, thanks for the tip about the spreadsheet... I usually don't run many builds in parallel but I certainly waste a lot of time just thinking what to do. Sure... I just realized that Dropbox stopped showing the pictures in this build, but luckily the rings part was uploaded to PG servers... here you go, hope it helps:
  11. Thanks guys... I was doing some inlaying these days, also drilled the holes in the body for the pickup rings, the jack and the straplocks... still need to drill the holes for the pots and switches, but not decided yet on the electronics. I'm gonna make a to-do list, cause I'm gettin old and insane: - Give the radius to the fretboard - Install the frets - Fine shaping and final sanding everywhere - The nut - Solve the electronics That's all I think...
  12. Glad you find it fine... ^^ Made some pickup rings, matching the grain direction. 3 layers, 7 mm high... hope they are not too high.
  13. This one was quick... how long is the entire process? The Exploder is probably the coolest redesign I've seen ever... congratulations. There's something I'm wondering lately... what's the purpose of a multiscale? Sorry for stupid question.
  14. Thanks guys... yeah, the whole thing is a lil bit weird due to the long scale... I should have considered that in the design process, but for some reason I never took care of that detail in any of my guitars. Live and learn.
  15. Very nice!... Have you considered to add some ferrules to the strings holes?
  16. Thanks... not really, I want to keep it crisp. Although I have to give another pass, I'm not happy with it yet.
  17. Thanks!.., I didn't wanted to say anything, but I copied it from yours... Seriously, It is so comfy and relatively easy to do, compared with the LP style carving... so I was thinking since long time ago on doing something like you usually do. Sorry for the plagiarism, but you probably understand me if I say that I just wanted to keep it simple.
  18. For some reason I've never considered to buy these kind of supplies online, but seems to be a good option, thanks. Not sure about it lasting for my entire life though, as I'm a highly DST consumer... I use it for everything.
  19. So I have been carving the top these days... not finished yet, there are still some bumps here and there, but the hard part is mostly done. The carving has nothing special, it's just curvy... I like the dark natural "binding" the shape makes. The neck is still "stabilizing" after carving the back, so in the meanwhile I will take care of all bumps and try to make the pickup rings.
  20. Totally opposite indeed, as I still use DST for the roughly-sawn faces and superglue for the second pass. Well, the thing is that I can't find here DST thin enough, the one I use is like 0.5mm thick... so the veneer gets 0.5mm separated from the surface, plus the stupid elasticity it has, makes the veneer moving up and down, even left to right while passing the router. The movement is minimal, but I could check myself just pushing with the fingers. Superglue+tape keeps the veneer completely fixed to the surface, which gives me a much more consistent thickness.
  21. I've stopped using double sided tape for re-thicknessing veneers... I couldn't get uniform thickness because the router pushing the veneer in all directions... Instead, the superglue+tape trick works much better and gives much more accuracy.
  22. Thanks, then maybe I consider to try a cheap one, as I'd need to use it once a year... not really a high level of production here.
  23. Well, that's a lil bit pricey... I think I'll stick with my arms. But good to know that cheaper ones won't do the job properly, so I don't waste any money of them. Thanks for the info.
  24. Did you flat the top and back with the orbital sander?... should I buy one of those? I'm sick of doing it by hand, using a "flat" surface covered with sand paper. Great work btw, love this one.
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