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  1. superb scott.... definitely a beauty!
  2. Top notch Scott... Top notch One thing I don't quite get is recessing the strap buttons... I would think you'd want the strap out away from the body a bit to avoid rubbing into the finish, especially on nitro... IDK what the purpose is I guess...
  3. When I was a teenager my dad used to take me up around Gunnison scouting for Elk and I always brought my ultra light rod. There are tons of little streams around there. You didn't even need bait to catch the little cutthroats, just throw in a bare hook into any part of the stream wider than 5 feet and they be all over it. The salmon in Blue Mesa res are kokanee, we routinely pulled out 10-20lbers trolling. Had a lot of great times up there!
  4. Damn Scott it's looking incredible man.... Have fun in Crested Butte. I lived in Colorado for seven years and spent a lot of time around that area. The Gunnison area has some great Elk and Mule Deer hunting and I spent a lot of time on Blue Mesa trout and salmon fishing... It's some beautiful country up there.
  5. Looks great man! The tru-oil finish looks really nice on that body
  6. That's looking beautiful man... What are you using for sealer and clear?
  7. I like what you did with the top, it's a beauty!
  8. Speechless at the moment so I'll just
  9. I like the heel carve a lot, as well as the rest of the guitar It fits with the rest of the lines perfectly, and most of all looks like it would be very comfortable to play..
  10. Looks beautiful in the sunlight! Are you going for a gloss finish with the Tru-Oil?
  11. They both look great man! I hope you get the neck issues sorted out on the V... The headstock on the Etna is wicked
  12. Damn man that's turning into something really special... The neck heel carve is awesome. I showed my son the first pic and he says "why is he doing that to that guitar he's ruining it". Showed him the last pic "oh"... Awesome work man!
  13. That's a mess of beautiful guitars RAD, but that last one looks like something real special What kind of oil are you using for a finish on those?
  14. So much awesomeness there Scott! I agree with you on the carve... I like the rounded carve look as well as comfort... Man that top is going to be crazy...
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