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  1. I have the dewalt and it's great, but if I were to do it again, I'd get the Steel City one at the same price that has a spiral cutting blade. There may be other's with a spiral blade too. Just a thought. Todd
  2. The higher resistance probably does mean it's slightly less effective than copper tape. But, it's easy, there's no risk of gaps, it looks good, and it's a lot better than nothing!
  3. I feel like a conformist, but I voted for the LP too. I don't love the black control covers, but that's just a beautifully executed LP clone. Nicely done! Jadan and Low End Fuzz were super close to taking my vote. I just didn't see the skull as fitting with such a pretty 7 stringer. Minus that, it would easily have been my first choice. On the Peanut Butter Bass I had the same thought as a few others about matching the headstock front. That would have looked better to me. Not a lot of entries this month, but I like them all. Nice work guys!
  4. Don't know about slug tape, but the shielding paint I used, CuPro, wasn't super cheap: http://www.lessemf.com/paint.html But it is very easy to use, and looks nice. The 4oz size seems like plenty to do 3 or 4 guitars with 3 coats each, and the time savings worth it to me. Took less than 5 minutes per coat to do the control cavity, PUP routes, and the wire chanels (I used a q-tip to do those). After 2 coates, I read 2 to 3 ohms from the neck route to the furthest point in the control cavity. I'll put on a third before I finish it. Todd
  5. So RestorationAD, where are you located that Raleigh Craigslist is local to you? -Todd
  6. Delayed reply Paul, crazy week/weekend! I have that board, all the parts and the chassis just sitting around right now, but I also have everything except the OT for a larger 40W design I drew up for a friend. Once the three guitars I'm working on now are done, I'll get at least one of those done. I am so slow on guitars. Amps are easier! Todd
  7. Here's the easiest way to build the firefly. But you can't mod it that way. I have the board, but haven't build it up yet. Todd http://web.mac.com/calhoun/PCB/Firefly_PCB.html
  8. There are a lot of attenuators out there, and the hotplate is a decent one. You can also look into power scaling, which would go inside your amp. Google London Power and you can read about power scaling. But making a big amp sound the same at low volumes as it does loud isn't easy, and it isn't cheap. You can go to AX84.com and look at the schematics for the firefly. It's an easy build. Or just watch for a used practice amp, which is your best option for quiet. I have 1/2 watt and 3 watt all tube amps behind me right now. Even the 1/2 watt one is plenty loud for home jamming. Best, Todd
  9. At Cornell, at least among the students, Sagan seemed to have the reputation of being very full of himself. I don't know if it was true. I do remember a silly story about a fraternity getting mad for no reason because they assumed it was true. Sagan's house overlooked the gorge, across from the fraternity. My freshman or sophomore year they invited him to dinner, and just got a call from his assistant, who had no idea the invitation was from his neighbor or even a Cornell fraternity, saying something like he wasn't available that week, but if they wanted to book him to speak she would try to arrange it. The fraternity assumed Sagan was just living up to his reputation and would only have dinner with them if they paid him, so they painted a banner saying basically F . . . U, and then put on their roof so it faced his home. Turns out Sagan wasn't in Ithaca that semester. As to being lucky to meet Asimov, I agree! It's funny though, I was just a kid, and while I'd read the Foundation books and a few others, I hadn't realized yet how exceptional he was. Maybe that's why he took the time to chat with me. Unlike the adults, I wasn't in awe of him. I just thought he was a cool guy who wrote entertaining stories and had a goofy beard. Well, OK, that's still how I think of him
  10. Umm...in the COMIC book industry?...Oh,so he is right up there with Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov then... Hmmm, let's see... Carl Sagan was an astronomer... Isaac Asimov wrote sci-fi and science textbooks... Nope. They're not up to his level as an author yet. Dismiss Alan Moore all you like because of his chosen medium, but until you've read his work, you're not qualified to criticize him. I hate arguments about who's smarter, or who's a better author. I was lucky enough to hear Asimov speak and then get to meet and speak with him about writing. That was ages and ages ago, but he was a pretty bright guy. I remember I liked him, but thought the beard was silly. You either have a lot of ego to think you look good in mutton chops, or you have really bad taste. Sagan was at Cornell when I went there. Also a bright guy, but couldn't say if he was actually brilliant or just provocative. Moore is a wing nut who writes entertaining comic books/graphic novels. I like the Japanese style better, and Moore's beard was/is worse than Asimov's was! Tell me he doesn't look like Hagrid in the Harry Potter movies in his public photos.
  11. I'm in, but I have two in progress right now, so I may not be able to complete it in time for the judging.
  12. Is that why he's turning green? I thought he had Corvusophobia? Or maybe gets Corvusarrhea? I'm told you can treat both with Ativan.
  13. 20-30watts. Any pen type should work, so unless you're spending hours doing circuits, just get a simple one. You can pick them up cheap at RadioShack if you have one locally. Plain old 60/40 or 63/37 Rosin core solder should work. I can't tell any difference between 60/40 and 63/37, but 63/37 is in theory harder to get a cold joint with. Other than that, I'd get a bulb sucker/solder remover. Is that what you were looking for? Todd
  14. You got big guys in suspenders in open public! The USA is more open minded than they let on... Ok...how about a suitable cavity, take a little blue pill and hold your guitar up for a good four hours (not recommended for people with high blood pressure, always seek medical advice before gigging) Ahhhh, now it makes sense why they keep sending me those e-mail links to discount "little blue pills". It's because I play guitar . . . You know, if Avenger builds the guitar you're describing, we'll need and emoticon like this : but with this face : oh, and in the south, suspenders are business casual attire.
  15. Not enough support. It'd just twist the wool jumper. How about one of those hernia belts with suspenders that all the out of shape guys at Lowes and HomeDepot wear. You could have square peg on the front of it that could slide into a recess cut in the back of the guitar,. Just pull the guitar against your belly to put it on, push off . . . it'd even hold it at the right angle
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