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It's the library at MIMF B)

MIMF - The Musical Instrument Makers Forum. Very tallented blokes but a bit less of a laugh than us lot. Just be carefull before people jump in here saying how bad MIMF is and how much they would like to see something nasty happen to Ed Roman.

I think you've got to join before you can look in the library but it's free so no biggy. I had a real problem trying to find the library last time I was there but got there in the end. While you're over there, check out what some of the blokes have built :D

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You couldn't find the library? Hmmm... tweak those reading glasses, ansd maybe try reading the FAQ which is linked from the top of forum pages.

Once you're in, the templates are in the instrument templates section (scroll to the bottom) and are part of John Catto's 59 Les Paul templates.

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